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1 month (short term) or 3 months (long term)
Paid by host 

Short-term 1 month residency:
- Accommodation
- Production budget of up to € 50

Long-term 3 month residency:
- Accommodation and studio space
- Travel expenses up to € 400
- Production budget of up to € 50

Paid by artist 

Short-term 1 month residency:
- Residency fee of € 300
- Studio space
- Travel costs
- Daily living costs
- Any materials / tools not covered by the production grant

Long-term 3 month residency:
- Additional travel costs
- Daily living costs
- Any materials / tools not covered by the production grant

Application guidelines 

Fill in online form and send your CV and portfolio to: [email protected]


Tartu Artist in Residence

Tartu Artist in Residence



Studio Tartuensis is an independent cultural organization working with a wide variey of genres. They operate a letterpress printing museum and printmaking studio, a paper art studio and workshop, regularily host artists from all over the world, work with young people and offer a range of arts & crafts workshops. Many of their activities are implemented in partnership with local organizations and they have also both participated as well as taken the lead in various international cultural and youth projects. In short, Studio Tartuensis aims to make artistic expression available to everyone regardless of age, skills, gender or sometimes even location.

TARTU AiR is a project realized through the collaboration of the Tartu City Council and the local creative community. By providing accommodation, working premises and exhibition spaces for artists, the programme aims at supporting intercultural contacts, openness, creativity, as well as further establishing Tartu as the City of Good Thoughts. TAiR is a cross-organisational cooperation programme that develops the cultural life and internationalization of Tartu city and its cultural organisations in both traditional and creative ways, guided by the development programme of the city.

Their values:

  • Creativeness and Innovativeness: The programme is open for new ideas, ways of thinking and working, and adapting to changing circumstances. It actively seeks for creative and innovative thoughts that can result as new type of art work and/or cooperation.
  • Multiculturalism and Internationalisation: TAiR is international from the beginning. It appreciates the new viewpoints that come along with cultural exchange. Different backgrounds, people and cultures develop tolerance and refresh the view of the world. Although the main and primary focus of the AiR programme is international, they consider possible to allow Estonian artists to participate as well: professionalism and skills were seen more important than the nationality.
  • Synergy and Cooperativeness: Working together instead of separately is essential for the programme and releases resources from each organisation. Cooperation deepens the relations between the organisations and the artists, and creates added value for everyone to benefit from.
  • Knowledge and Experiences: TAiR prises sharing knowledge and experiences, and aims at increasing them for all sides, on a personal but also on an organisational level. Different backgrounds, people and cultures develop tolerance and refresh view of the world.
  • A short-term residency (about one month) at the end of which a public outcome is possible (open studio, workshop, artist talk, etc.).
  • A long-term residency (about three months) at the end of which a public outcome is expected (exhibition, performance, artist talk, etc.).
Accommodation Information 

Artists will be accommodated in private apartments located in the lively heart of Tartu, just a stone’s throw away from the main square, right next to the historical St. John’s Church. Most shops are within 5 minutes walking distance. The apartments are fully furnished with equipped kitchenette, bathroom with toilet and shower, living room with a sofa and desk and a bedroom. Wi-Fi is also available in the apartments and there is access to a washing machine and vacuum cleaner. Tartu Artist in Residence has 2 artist’s apartments available.

Studio Information 

Tartu Artist in Residence is offering three possible studio spaces. The artist can either work at Tartu Artists’ Union, at Studio Tartuensis printmaking studio or at Tampere Maja. All organisations work in the field of culture and are focused on different types of art.

Technical Information 

different kind of studio, it's depend with which partner you decide to work.


Tartu is the second largest city of Estonia, following Estonia's political and financial capital Tallinn. Tartu is often considered the intellectual centre of the country, especially since it is home to the nation's oldest and most renowned university, the University of Tartu. It is therefor also called 'The city of good thoughts'.

Kastani 42
50410 Tartu

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