Paid by host 

The foundation offers practical assistance and information on the local art scene.

Paid by artist 

Travel, materials and insurance. The rent of the studio-apartment is 650 euros / month. (In bilateral artist exchange programmes the studio-apartment is free of costs or includes a grant).

Application guidelines 

Please check their website for details.


Tapiola Guest Studio

Tapiola Guest Studio


The Tapiola Guest Studio is a residence for visual artists. It is maintained by the Finnish Artists' Studio Foundation. The purpose of the Foundation, established in 1990, is to improve the working conditions of the visual artists by maintaining and acquiring work facilities and residential studios. In Finland, the Foundation has currently 290 artists as long-term tenants.
The Foundation has run the residency programme in Tapiola Espoo since 1997. The objective of the 1-3 months residencies is to provide time and space for artists to concentrate on their creative work. The residency is mainly self-directed but the foundation gives practical assistance and supports the artist in getting acquainted with Finnish art scene.
The guest studio is part of the Tapiola Studio Building which houses nine other work/live spaces for local artists.

Accommodation Information 

The studio-apartment (total 83m2) combines living and working space. It includes for instance a private kitchen, bathroom and a living balcony (15m2). It is suitable also for an artist couple.

Studio Information 

The work/live studio was designed especially for visual artists in 1955. It is 6 meters high and north-facing. Proper lighting, wireless internet connection, variety of smaller equipment. The studio will be in private use of the selected residency artist.


The Tapiola Studio Building was built in 1955 for Finnish visual artists. The building was designed by professor, architect Aulis Blomstedt. The single-storey row-house type wood building houses four spaces of 83 m2 and six 100 m2 live-in-studios. Tapiola is located in the city of Espoo, 8 km from the centre of Helsinki. By bus it takes 20 minutes. The studio building lies in a park-like setting just beside the sea.

Lemuntie 4 D,
00510 Helsinki

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