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2 months
Paid by host 

Space is provided free of charge for 2 months.

Paid by artist 

Travel, meals, materials

Application guidelines 

Download the application form (.doc) and send it back via email to [email protected]. Send the portfolio and/or video in CD (avi format) via postal mail (mark on the enveloppe 2014-2015 residency application) to 637 Itaewondong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, to the attention of the Person in Charge of Residency.

There is no application deadline. Note that inquiries are received through email only.



TakeOut Drawing Cafe Residency

TakeOut Drawing Cafe Residency


Takeout Drawing is an organic, multifunctional cultural space.

Using the cafe as its vehicle, Takeout Drawing stages sustainable culture. It is a space for self-improvement, and fosters artist-led,independent art activities, made possible by means of profits from sales of cafe products. With the aim of ushering in organic culture, the Takeout Drawing project space in Seongbuk-dong opened its doors in 2007, followed by one in Dongsung-dong in 2008 and another in Hannam-dong in 2010, in Itaewon-dong in 2012 and they are kitting the community and culture together.

The Takeout Drawing, Seongbuk-dong presents trends of contemporary art showcased mostly by artists-in-residence. The one in Dongsung-dong shows the lounging function of diverse artists around Daehak-ro. The newly opened Takeout Drawing, Hannam-dong with its ongoing project of A’Kiosk is a multifunctional space for diverse cultural activities such as residency programs, exhibitions and performance.

Takeout Drawing’s Cafe Residency is a program that offers the artists two months of free usage of the space for their creative work. Unlike institutionalised art spaces, the program takes the cafe as a public space and experiments on its creative possibility.

It engages the audience and shows the creative process spontaneously, drawing attention to the act of creation away from its end result. The exhibition of the creative process of each artist is held for one month. Takeout Drawing appropriates part of its sales for financial support in their creative activities.


- Cafe Residency for 2 months, support for solo exhibition, fixed amount of fund for creation.
- Opportunity of being introduced in the yearly publication of Drawing.


Itaewondong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea (South)

Microsoft Office document icon 2014_takeoutdraiwng_application_form.doc497 KB
637 Itaewondong
(to the attention of the Person in Charge of Residency)
South Korea

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