English, German, Finnish, French
2 weeks - 2 months
Paid by host 

Partial stipend.

Paid by artist 

Residency fee.

Application guidelines 

Please submit by email: research/project proposal conveying your motivation, samples of work and CV with current photo. Specify the dates you are applying for. Large files can be shared by Dropbox.



Syntopik Research

Syntopik Research


At their core, artists and scientists are very similar. Both endeavour to solve our greatest mysteries through the power of imagination. Leonardo da Vinci was both artist and scientist. “Artists often have implicit knowledge, which is then confirmed by scientists” (Pöppel). Syntopik Research at Arthaus Ambach facilitates research between artists and scientists on a highly creative level. Their objective is a new paradigm in research and research methodology, transcending disciplines.
A syntopik research cluster consists of two or more artist and scientist investigators working on a research proposition which is equally motivated by all parties. The residency is mediated by artist, scientist ‘diplomats’ who have the ability to simultaneously inhabit multiple epistemic domains, being genuinely sympathetic to different frameworks in the arts, sciences and humanities. They translate between contemplative, technical and theoretical practice, bridging and overlapping these different modi operandi.
Residencies are offered on a weekly or monthly basis. Research residents are selected solely on the basis of excellence, regardless of age or nationality. Diversity and multiple scales of lived experience and memory are integral. Longer term residencies will be considered with an appropriate research proposition.


Facilitation of salons, exhibitions (also in their partner spaces in Munich), studio visits, workshops etc.

Accommodation Information 

Studio lofts have a capacity for four research residents at a time, additional guest rooms.

Studio Information 

Arthaus Ambach is located on the east shore of Lake Starnberg and features salon and event-lecture spaces and two research lofts. The building is ca. 540 sqm with a private water front, sauna and professional kitchen. Driving distance to the center of Munich is half an hour, to the airport one hour.

Seeleitn 65
82541 Seeheim-Ambach

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