Dutch, English, German
Six consecutive weeks (between March and October)
Paid by host 

Studio Omstand ofers residents a honorary of € 500,- and expenses of up to € 500,- per participant (or group).

Paid by artist 

Possibly stay at a bed and breakfast (B&B).

Application guidelines 

Please email your application to Heidi Linck with the following documents:

  • description of your work, max 1 A4 (PDF)
  • motivation letter, max 1 A4 and a possible preference for the weeks in which you would like to have your working period (PDF)
  • link to your website or a portfolio of 3 to 5 relevant projects, works, researches or experiments (PDF / URL)

Studio Omstand

Studio Omstand

The Secret Bunker Project


Studio Omstand is an artists initiative from Arnhem that brings contemporary art to the attention and researches the relationship between contemporary art & the public domain. This initiative runs the residency: the Secret Bunker, a dilapidated military nuclear bunker from the Cold War, situated on a (secret) location in the Veluwe Forrest.
Over the previous years, Studio Omstand has invited artists for a residency in the Secret Bunker. In the meantime, working and staying in this place has proved itself as a space in which the artist can put his or her own work process to the test. Working in a place with no amenities challenges to improvise and adapt the work process. The isolated location also contributes to this. Furthermore, it turns out that the absence of public is often experienced as 'liberating'.

  • They ask residents to make visible not only their final work but also the preparatory work and possible research they produce and conduct in this working period on the Pinterest page.
  • A solo exhibition at the end of the working period in Museum 5VEP is a possibility.
Accommodation Information 

A stay is possible, but sober. A small caravan and a simple toilet are located on site. Internet, electricity and running water are not available. However, water can be tapped in the proximity and taken to the bunker in jerry cans. Studio Omstand has no other guesthouse. However, a guest stay at a bed and breakfast can be arranged (costs for the artists).

Studio Information 

After you have been selected and prior to your working period, you will be offered the opportunity to visit the Secret Bunker by Studio Omstand.

Technical Information 

Take your own tools and materials to the Secret Bunker. Residents get their own key and are expected to work and stay on the site of the bunker independently and at their own discretion. Incidentally, entry onto the site is entirely at ones own risk.


The residency is located in the Netherlands, near the city of Arnhem. In the nineteen fifties, a secret underground network of pipelines was built by NATO, to provide strategic places such as airports and military barracks with fuel (kerosene, petrol, diesel). On one of these routes, a so-called booster station is located, which was given the code name 5VEP (5-Victor-Echo-Papa) by NATO. This booster station is housed in a bunker which is surrounded by a sand rampart and a forest. As a result, the bunker is not visible from any point. NOTE: Only after selection, residents are ofered the opportunity to visit the location, not before.

Thomas J. Witteroosstraat 12
6827 AZ Arnhem

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