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The Stanica Railway Cultural Space is a very open organisation. This means their residency program is flexible. Contact them if you have an interesting project proposal and try to see what can be arranged in terms of living and working accomodations.







The open cultural space Railway Station is an original way of using the space of the Zilina-Zariecie railway station, located on the rail line leading from Zilina to Rajec. It blows a pulsating life into this space, it changes the railway station into a space for art and culture, as well as for social and community activities. The project fastens upon wide international spectrum of cultural institutions (so-called 'cultural factories'), created on platform of community of young people and artists, that blew a new life into empty, not used factories, industrial objects, railway stations and commercial centres. Uniqueness of the project lies in keeping the original function of the building as a railway station, waiting room and a place of ticket sale, in connection with using the space for creative art and social activities.


Zilina has been a transport junction connected in the direction of old trade routes by Kosice-Bohumin and Povazska railways, through the valleys of Vah and Kysuca rivers already in 1883. Only the valley of Rajcianka river has been remaining without a railway connection. All the towns and municipalities located in the Rajec Valley have contributed to its construction and the new railway line to Rajec had been opened on October 10th 1899, enriching development of the region. The people could finally travel from Rajec to Zilina and vice versa by train.

Nesporova 19
010 01 Zilina
421- 0907137145

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