English, German
3 weeks
Paid by host 

Travel, accomodation, artist fee, support in production costs, per diem.

Paid by artist 

Food and beverages, production costs (depending on overall costs), own equipment where possible/reasonable.


Sound Development

Sound Development

Sound Development City - Artist Expedition


Sound Development is a platform for promotion of, networking of and exchange between artistic and cultural creators. They are interested in alternative forms of art and cultural promotion as well as in how creative endeavors can be supported. It is their objective to inspire artists through practical experiences as well as to provide knowledge and contacts. Sound Development realises its promotional efforts based on projects, as in-house or co-productions. The combination of the non-commercial orientation and private funding allows the freedom and flexibility needed for an uncompromising implementation – independent from formal concepts and with an open mind for new means, methods and strategies.

Sound Development is a non-commercial, independent and privately funded cultural initiative based in Zurich, that neither provides simple one-way promotion nor mere project funding – they develop and realise their projects in the context of a collaborative process.

Sound Development City is an annual three-week expedition to two European cities for artists from all disciplines and from around the world. That gives artists time – time for processes to develop, for experimentation, for taking new paths – but also going astray, and for detecting and discovering the unexpected.

Each year in late summer, Sound Development City organizes a three-week expedition to two European cities. Ten selected artists working on individual projects are part of the expedition team. Every year new cities are chosen. The Sound Development City participants are selected through an open call for projects. It is geared towards artists working in all disciplines and from all over the world who distinguish themselves through a process-oriented approach to their work, their curiosity and an explorative mindset.


The selected artists must agree to take part in the expedition throughout its entire duration. Public presentations and networking events are integral to the program. The Sound Development City team will initiate these events in collaboration with fellow organizations in the expedition citites. The expedition will be documented in text, audio recordings and images and communicated via the project website, a Facebook page, a Twitter Account and a self-produced radio broadcasts.

Following the end of the expedition, the participating artists collaborate with Sound Development City on a print publication.

Accommodation Information 

Approximately two thirds of the expedition's time are spent in the expedition cities. The accomodation in the cities is adequate to the city's standards. Shared rooms among the participants (hostel, communal house, etc). The journey in-between the cities is undertaken individually. Accomodation during this phase is self-organized.

Studio Information 

The Sound Development City team organizes a shared work space/studio in each city. According to the selected artists projects, the work space covers basic needs, such as printing, internet access, loudspeakers, projectors, etc.

Technical Information 

Technical equipment is partially provided, depending on the projects: cameras, recording devices, microphones, tri-pods, etc.


The Sound Development City Artist Expedition takes place in annually changing cities:

2016: tba
2015: Belgrade - Athens
2014: Riga - Helsinki
2013: Lisboa - Marseille
2012: London - Berlin - Zurich

Lavaterstrasse 44
8001 Zurich

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