Spanish, French, English
1 week to 20 days
Paid by host 

Six residencies per year granted with full board, accommodation and access to the work spaces and the rest of the premises. 

Paid by artist 

Artist must pay for their travel expenses and the cost of their production materials.

Application guidelines 

At the beginning of the year, there is an open call. Artist can present projects that can be either new works or a continuation of previous processes. Eventhough projects do not need to be entirely accomplished during the residency each proposal must feature the completion of at least one of its constituent parts, in whatever format.

Applicants must submit a documented proposal of the project, including photos, videos, artist's CV, previous works, and any material of their choice.

Sucessful submissions will consider the specific rural environment of Sierra de Huelva and its inhabitants, taking into account the natural environment and its fusion with specific fields of contemporary art. There is a special interest in interdisciplinary and experimental projects in the fields of action art, sound art, video art, artistic experimentation, installations and interventions.

Sierra Centro de Arte

Sierra Centro de Arte

Art in the nature


Sierra Centro de Arte is a permanent art center located in the mountainous region of Sierra de Huelva dedicated to the production, expermentation and exhibition of cross-media art, while encouraging education and research.

Their goal is to bring together artistic practices, communitiy and the natural environment through specific projects.

As well as developing specific projects involving the environment, the centre is involved in the creation of a natural park for artistic interventions and actions. They also run laboratories for artists to develop performance and sound art projects, while hosting a programme of video art and film screenings as well as workshops and conferences.


Projects at Sierra must include at least one activity involving the surrounding environment and population during the period of residence. This can take the form of a workshop, exhibition, performance, or other artistic action. The conditions of this exchange are agreed between the artists and the organisation.

Accommodation Information 

The small house destined to host artists is good for 2 or 3 people and contains a shared livingroom, kitchen and bathroom. Its walls are full of windows, providing visual contact with the surrounding nature. WiFi access also available.

Technical Information 

Sierra Centro de Arte is located in a country house inside a 70 hectares property which also contains a hotel and an artisan bakery. The center has its own working space, library, exhibition hall, documentation center, office space, residency, classrooms and conference rooms. Media equipment and WiFi internet access is also provided.


Sierra Centro de Arte is located on Finca Los Veneros, a property place 1 km away from the Village of Santa Ana la Real, in the province of Huelva. It is in the heart of the Natural Park of Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche, a protected zone of mountain ranges charaterized by Mediterranean Forest and massive pastures.

It is only 100 km away from Sevilla and Huelva.

Finca Los veneros s/n
21359 Santa Ana la Real HL

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