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from 1 month to 1 year (average 4 months)
Paid by host 

For Guest Artists:

  • Accommodation during the stay one month or more during the period between April, 2015 and March, 2016.
  • Renumeration ¥200,000 per month (maximum per year)
  • Travel expenses: the host will pay for one economy class round trip ticket between the Artist’s nearlest airport to Osaka, Japan.
  • Materials: the host will pay necessary basic materials up to ¥100,000.
  • Firing: the host will pay for firing costs up to ¥110,000.
Paid by artist 

Artists at the Institute of Ceramic Studies are required to pay kiln and studio fee, purchase their own materials, and rent a room in the dormitory or elsewhere. Studio fee: 31,700 yen per month; dormitory fee: 16,700 yen per month.

Application guidelines 

There are two types of artists who work here. The first are studio artists, those who stay and work here after being accepted through their application process. The second are guest artists, who are invited by the Ceramic Cultural Park to work there. A limited number of guest artist positions are open to applications. 


Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park

Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park

Artist in Residence Program


The Institute of ceramic studies provides a site for creative work to the ceramic artist. Artist will receive inspiration in a free and creative environment, through exchanges with other artists and accomplished ceramists. You will be poised for a leap forward in your career as a ceramist

The Institute of Ceramic Studies is a modern, well-equipped center for work, study and experimentation. The artist is encouraged to take the initiative in making the most of the town's environment and the setting for creativity. Accordingly, the Institute will continually invite ceramists, artists, and critics who are active in the forefront of the ceramic world. There are two types of residency program: 1) Studio Artist and 2) Open Call Guest Artist. Please click the above link for further information.


For guest artists the participant will be expected to donate two finished works to the ceramic cultural park. Works to be donated will be determined in consultation with the staff. The artist will also be expected to conduct lectures, workshops, etc. for the general public.

Accommodation Information 

Studio artists are provided with single rooms. The rooms are equipped with toilet and bath, a bed, a desk, a small refrigerator and pot for boiling water. Bedding is available for a rent fee. Also each room has a internet access. Single rooms are not equipped with kitchen. There is a communal kitchen and lounge in another part of the building. The communal kitchen has a large refrigerator and other necessities. Artists are free to use the kitchen from the day they arrive.

Studio Information 

Studio Artists work mainly in studio no.1 (228m²). Each artist is provided with a space pf about nine square meters, and work tables and electric wheels are available. For large scale work, palettes and a forklift are available. Artists should bring their own tools. Artists buy their own clay and other materials.

Technical Information 

Please find a list of all technical equipements and facility details here.


Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park is located on a hill with a view of downtown Shigaraki. Surrounded by mountains, the area is scenic with seasonal changes. The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park is one of the premier tourist spots in Shigaraki, where visitors appreciate ceramics and enjoy walking in nature.

2188-7 Shigarakicho-Chokushi
+81 748 830909
+81 748 831193

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