English, Korean
3 months (international artists); 12 months (Korean artists)
Paid by host 

- Airplane ticket for one person (if it resided as a team, only one of team members would be supported)
- Hostel provided (single room for 1 person or team, double room for a group)
- Work space and equipment usage fees are covered
- Partial costs for Research project (for those who reside from April to June 2016)
- Grant partially supported on exhibition at Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon
- PR expenses of solo exhibition

Paid by artist 

Local transporatation, food and material expenses.

Application guidelines 

Before applying please read carefully all the guidelines from their website. To download the application form, visit


Seoul Art Space Geumcheon

Seoul Art Space Geumcheon


A printing factory located at Doksan-dong, Geumcheon-gu was turned into Seoul Art Space_GEUMCHEON, which is a new concept art space aimed to be both an international residency and a joint project studio where experiments are made on global aesthetics and local characteristics, as one of Seoul Art Spaces. Seoul Art Space GEUMCHEON has been designed under the big cultural movement of Seoul city planning called ‘Urban Regeneration’ Other than the first and foremost goal of ‘Creative Support for Artists’ it started with the assignment of cultural revival and settlement by positively responding to the issues of the south west of Seoul where ‘Guro Complex’ is located. Read more on their blog.

They offer two projects for international artists:

  • The whole fields of visual arts such as painting, installation, video, photograph, etc. 9 international artists (team) will be selected in 2015. 
  • Urban Research project: 2 artists (team) will be selected in 2015.

The resident artists will participate in an artist presentation(s), open studio, network party and the research project exhibition.

Accommodation Information 
  • Hostel is provided with furniture and office-related equipment as well as guest rooms.
  • The lounges on the 2nd and 3rd floors are for rest and meeting other residency artists.
  • Fully furnitured kitchen, shower rooms and laundry rooms for living conveniences.
Studio Information 

The building is composed with 3 floors above the ground, 1 floor underground, and an annexed storehouse. 19 studios with cooling/heating, cooking facilities and Internet services available for residency artists.

PS333, located on the 3rd floor of the building is a large space (200 seats) available for performance, conference, and exhibition provided with lighting and sound facilities. A warehouse for large-scale and joint art work is provided with professional equipment for wood and metal work. Multi-purpose workshop room for seminars and educational programs, provided with sound and video facilities, is on the basement floor. Media lab is equipped with the latest video editing equipment, camera with expert specifications, camcorder, and projector

Residency Facilities Vacant for international artists : 15 Rooms of Studio (15 persons/teams approximately).

Technical Information 

Wireless internet and Media lab with the latest equipment are provided.

333-7 Doksan-dong, Geumcheon-gu
South Korea

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