one month (longer period is negotiable)
Application guidelines 

Only for non-Belgian resident authors and translators. Priority will be given to those authors who translate to or from the Dutch langauge or to authors working on a project related to Antwerp, Flanders or Belgium. Also, authors will be welcomed from countries where free speech is not guaranteed or from countries where the political climate is not beneficiary to free writing.



Schrijversflat PEN centrum Vlaanderen

Schrijversflat PEN centrum Vlaanderen


PEN Vlaanderen is the Belgian, Dutch-speaking centre of PEN International, a worldwide organization that promotes literature and defends freedom of expression.

PEN Vlaanderen actively defends fellow-writers around the world, both through direct and indirect support. Direct support entails:

  • receiving authors in the PEN flat in Antwerp
  • adopting authors by its Writers in Prison Committee
  • sending letters to emprisoned writers and responsible authorities
  • negotiating freedom of expression with regional, national and European policy-makers

Residents can be expected, if asked to, to lecture for the City or Provincial Authorities or the Antwerp University, who support the PEN Centrum Vlaanderen in this project. The resident will be asked to leave a text (min. 2 Wordpages) inspired by his stay in the PEN Writers' Flat.

Accommodation Information 

The apartment is fully furnished and is fitted with a computer, broadband internet- and e-mail access. Standard AZERTY-, QWERTY-, Russian-Cyrillic- and German QWERTZU-keyboards are available.


New location in the historical centre of Antwerp

Vijfhoekstraat 15
2600 Antwerpen
03 218 65 57

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