From 14 - 31 days, depending on cruise length
Paid by host 

There are no residency fees. Schmidt Ocean Institute will cover round-trip airfare for artists to the ship, as well as meals and accommodations on board.

Paid by artist 

The artists are expected to cover their own materials/supplies, cost to transport materials to the ship, and travel and health insurance.

Application guidelines 

Application forms can be filled out online. Supplemental material must be submitted via email. Artists will be selected through a committee who will rank applicants based on: application of science, art dissemination, clarity and imagination, community service/outreach plan, desire and passion, experience and justification, online portfolio or digital examples of work, response to online application questions, and use of technology.



Application for February cruise is January 10, 2016

Schmidt Ocean Institute

Schmidt Ocean Institute



Schmidt Ocean Institute is a private non-profit operating foundation established in March 2009 to advance oceanographic research, discovery, and knowledge, and catalyze sharing of information about the oceans. The Institute is devoted to the inspirational vision of the Founders that the advancement of technology and open sharing of information will remain crucial to expanding the understanding of the world's oceans. Since the Earth's oceans are a critically endangered and least understood part of the environment, the Institute dedicates its efforts to their comprehensive understanding across intentionally broad scope of research objectives.

Artists and scientists both have the ability to offer a deeper understanding of our Ocean. They are important storytellers that help people to see the ocean in new perspectives. Applying these talents to ocean science and conservation can create a new space for dialogue and understanding. Schmidt Ocean Institute is uniquely positioned to provide collaborations between artists and some of the world’s leading marine scientists, using the Institute’s research vessel Falkor as a platform of connection and interdisciplinary reach. The science cruises offer a range of unique technology-based ocean research that lends to artistic exploration.

Like scientists, artists conceptualize and put together ideas in new ways. The organizers anticipate that the cross fertilization of disciplines through our Artist-at-Sea program will result in a broader awareness of the important research occurring on Falkor and a better understanding of the complex ocean issues facing us today. They believe that by providing a platform where experts from different disciplines are brought together, cross-pollination of ideas will transform both the scientists’ and artists’ work. Schmidt Ocean Institute is looking for artists of broad disciplines to work together with scientists and crew to take inspiration from the research occurring aboard Falkor. They are seeking artists who will use the time on the ship to cultivate their creativity and respond to the research that they are immersed in, using art to communicate science to a broad audience.

Priority will go to artists who incorporate elements of technology or cutting edge methods into their techniques or medium. Artists interested in the Artist-at-Sea program should be able to make deep and meaningful connections to the science on board, bridging the research conducted at sea with the general public. The goal is to make people rethink the way marine science is shared and break down the complexities of ocean research. Artists will be asked to work side-by-side with the scientists and Falkor crew to develop art through close and productive collaborations. Artists immersing themselves in day-to-day ship life will be asked to tie these experiences together through conceptualization, data collection, and application.


Research vessel Falkor provides a unique platform allowing artists to engage directly with the ocean in a new and challenging way. Artists will be expected to contribute daily reflections in an online blog, and share final art pieces through Schmidt Ocean Institute’s website, as well as potential exhibition spaces. One piece of artists’ choice will be asked to be left aboard Falkor to be shared and enjoyed by those who travel and visit on Falkor in the future. Art instillations could become a part of Falkor with prior consent (e.g. wall mural).

Each artist will be asked to complete a community service or outreach project in line with their talents and passions (e.g. school visit, community presentation, remote connection from Falkor, etc.). Schmidt Ocean Institute will assist the artist before they arrive on Falkor to decide on a community project.

Accommodation Information 

One berth/dorm will be available on selected cruises. The room will be shared but will offer very comfortable conditions.

Studio Information 

One berth is made available aboard research vessel Falkor on selected cruises.


Varies depending on cruise, first cruise of 2016 will go from Honolulu, HI to Tahiti, the second cruise will be to/from Tahiti.

555 Bryant Street
Palo Alto, CA 94301
United States

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