German, English, Spanish, French, Italian
3 weeks
Paid by host 

The promotion by the Residenzrogramm Castle Bröllin includes:

  • Workrooms / Studios and existing technology
  • Lodging in a shared room (single rooms there is a surcharge applicable)
  • Meals of the artist group (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Reimbursement of travel expenses within Germany

The Board of Trustees / Schloss Bröllin eV reserve, in certain cases, offer fully serviced residences with a restricted budget, for example, without reimbursement of travel expenses or having a shortened residence time. About the residency program, it is possible to apply in connection with the closed bröllin eV, additional project funds. Also assistance can be offered in the acquisition of further production grants and presentation capabilities. The conditions for these services are negotiated separately in advance.

Application guidelines 
  • The completed application form send as an email to
  • Motivation letter setting out the interest and expectations of the residence (max. one A4 page)
  • Project proposal
  • Realistical financing plan, which gives an idea about the project planning.
  • Artists-, artist, group information online with links to press and video.

Schloss Bröllin eV

Schloss Bröllin eV

International Theatre Research Location


Schloss Bröllin is an international production center created by artists for artists and guests from around the world. The 800 year old Grade II listed Gutsanlage, located about 40 km west of Szczecin and 130 km north of Berlin in the German-Polish border region.

Schloss Bröllin e. V. international art research location was founded in 1992 by creative minds and dedicated people. In 2000, the club acquired the land with an area of 53,000 m2 and now offers a variety of indoor and outdoor rehearsal rooms, several conference and seminar rooms, as well as options for accommodation. The support team works actively for the production of art, regional networking, cultural youth work, the participation in the national and international cultural scene and the preservation of historic buildings.

Professional artists groups from home and abroad can apply for grants for the production of contemporary dance, theater and performance projects up to a maximum of three weeks in the period April-June and September-of November. Schloss Bröllin offers several dance studios, production and seminar rooms as well as accommodation and catering facilities, space for artists to rehearse, experiment, training in peaceful and creative atmosphere. The production grants of schloss bröllin e. V. allow, among other ensembles and groups whose members are from different places / countries come a concentrated production phase. While staying appropriate work spaces, accommodation and meals are provided.

  • It supports projects in the performing arts.
  • The program is open to artists from all over the world.
  • Priority groups or collaborations are supported.
  • The candidates should have already implemented their own projects.
  • It may be in the proposed project is a new production and be a resumption.
  • Rejected applications from the previous year can be updated resubmitted.
  • For already funded through closed bröllin eV artist groups generally applies an application interval of two years.
  • An invitee production will be considered as youth development.
  • One of the invitees production should relate to the region and / or involve the population in their project.
  • Requirement for funding is a professional way of working and a recognizable artistic idea with an idiosyncratic, interesting approach to implementation.
  • As this promotion only includes the samples stay, need, additional support for the overall project have been requested before Candidacy and appear in the included / appended financial plan.
  • Potential venues and real partnerships for projects submitted are indispensable.
  • The funded groups agree to at the end of the residence stay a workshop presentation at Schloss Bröllin public imagine.
  • Residence groups undertake to name the castle bröllin eV and the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture of Mecklenburg Vorpommern in all publications relating to the funded project.
  • The funded groups confirm the dates of their stay at Castle Bröllin until 15 May. Schedule changes can be discussed, but the association is not guaranteed in this case for rooms and equipment. If until May 20. No other date for the residence to be found is promoting a project on the waiting list.

The Initiative "Pair Performing Arts in Residence" was launched in September 2010 by Schloss Bröllin eV together with international partners. The aim of the initiative is to take account of the changing conditions of production in the field of performing arts. Faced with growing mobility, internationally composed ensembles and new forms of artistic expression, the need for new production conditions, the need to increase the supply of residences, communication and cooperation between the residence houses to push forward and proposals for new funding structures to develop.
The huge number of arts centers in Germany and the world bears the requirements in the visual arts, music and literature very well calculation, but not to the performing arts, which are clearly underrepresented. Schloss Bröllin look back on many years of experience with the establishment and implementation of a residence program for the Performing Arts. The reality shows that the demand has risen sharply in recent years.


The results of the residence will be performed publicly as a work in progress presentation at Schloss Bröllin.

Accommodation Information 
  • Single, double and multi-bed rooms with ensuite bathroom
  • Single, double and multi-bed rooms with sanitary facilities in the corridor
  • Camping on the meadow
  • Dormitory
Studio Information 
Technical Information 

Technical support in agreement with artists.

Dorfstraße 3
17309 Bröllin
+49 (0) 39747-5650-0

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