English (working language), German, French, Spanish, Italian
Between 3 months and 1 year.
Paid by artist 

Travel, living/subsistence, production costs, residency fee and other supplies. Fee: 1100 €/ month, which covers accommodation in private room and shared living facilities, bathroom, kitchen, internet, electricity, water, as well as artist support regarding PR, coordination, translation and co-working space.

Application guidelines 

Please send all documents to [email protected]

  • Motivation letter 
  • CV with information about applicant’s education, previous research projects and/or exhibitions
  • Portfolio, with a choice of recent art works, publications, curatorial concepts (maximum 5)

Selection procedure: The suitable applicants will be selected by the SAVVY Contemporary jury. The shortlisted applicants will be invited to a Skype interview.


ongoing - apply at least 3-6 months in advance to your prefered residency dates

SAVVY Contemporary Residency

SAVVY Contemporary Residency


The SAVVY Contemporary Residency program will host national and international curators, artists and writers for a period of at least 3 months. The challenge will be for the residents to relate or pave a new trajectory in their own works to Berlin’s socio-political, economic and cultural status quo and history. Questions regarding how arts/ culture can be positioned or thought of beyond geographical constraints, how concepts and contexts of artistic/ cultural expression can be conceived and realised in public spaces, how accustomed discourses, perception frames, reception modes regarding the canon of art/ culture can be questioned or challenged will, questions on trans-disciplinarity e.g. between arts and sciences, amongst other issues, form the vertebral column of this residency program. Residents will be accommodated 500m away from the premises (a former power plant, the so-called “Cathedral of electricity” built by the renowned architect Hans Heinrich Müller from 1926-1928), where they will work and offer seminars, workshops or lectures in the course of the residency.


Workshop, and/or presentation.

Accommodation Information 

Private rooms in shared flat.

Studio Information 

2 studios.


SAVVY Contemporary is situated in Berlin’s district of Neukölln with its inhabitants from 160 nations, and more precisely in “Böhmisch Rixdorf” founded in 1737 by Bohemian refugees. As an art space that takes up the challenge of investigating the ‘threshold’ between the West and the Non-West, and as a project that reaches out not only to the art affine but also to the non art affine, we think Neukölln’s history and socio-political status quo provides a fertile soil for our reflections and discourses

SAVVY Contemporary,
12055 Berlin

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