Film Animation
6 months (up to 12 months)
Paid by host 

office space

Paid by artist 

$25 application fee, refundable $300 deposit, travel costs, living costs, material/project costs

Application guidelines 

You must be over 18, actively engaged in a film, video, television or other moving image project in any genre and in any stage of production. The project must be non-commercial and represent a contribution to the moving image art form. The project budget must be less than $3,000,000, including all phases of production. US and international applicants might be considered. Priority will be given to:

  • Projects that demonstrate viable financial support and promise a high likelihood of being brought to completion.
  • Filmmakers or projects that have a significant connection to the San Francisco Bay Area; for example, the filmmaker is a San Francisco resident, or the project is shooting in San Francisco or involves San Francisco in a meaningful way at one or more stages of production.


around October/November

The San Francisco Film Society’s FilmHouse

The San Francisco Film Society’s FilmHouse

SFFS FilmHouse


FilmHouse, the residency program of SFFS is designed to offer free office space to filmmakers in various stages of production where they can share talents and resources with their peers. Currently FilmHouse offers residencies 6 months to filmmakers with a narrative project that, through plot, character, theme or setting, explore social issues of our time.

Through resident-led workshops, a guest speaker series, and numerous other community-building events, FilmHouse is designed to strengthen resident filmmakers' skill sets as a way of contributing directly to the progress of their ongoing film projects.

Studio Information 

7 dedicated office spaces to FilmHouse residents. Each office holds 2-3 people.  Applicants may not apply for more than one office space. Also included in the space is a shared kitchen, conference space and intern stations. High speed Internet and wireless connectivity is accessible throughout. Parking is available at a discounted rate. 


The San Francisco Film Society’s FilmHouse is located in 4,800 spacious square feet of office space located in the bustling Fillmore District.

San Francisco Film Society, 39 Mesa Street,
Suite 110, The Presidio
San Francisco, CA 94129-1025
United States

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