Khmer, English
1-3 months
Paid by host 

Free studio and accommodation, and introductions to important local artists and arts institutions as well as assistance finding other resources important to your work such as translators.

Paid by artist 

Travel, material, food, personal costs.

Application guidelines 

Fill in the online application.



Sammaki Community Arts

Sammaki Community Arts

Sammaki Residency Program


Artist-run community space, Sammaki started in 2011 to be come a completely free community center offering free workshops, exhibitions, screenings, and artists talks by local artists as well as international artists and researchers. Sammaki has also hosted various festivals and events such as The Angkor Art Explo and the Interfilm short film festival.

Sammaki is always searching for artists, curators, and researchers who are interested in participating in Sammaki’s residency program.

  • Organize and run public programming at least once a month, such as: workshops, artist talks, curate an exhibition or screenings
  • Act as a community ambassador
  • Continue open gallery hours three times a week
  • Continue to let artists and researchers use Sammaki for their own work
  • Respect. Make an effort to learn Khmer and Khmer culture and try to learn more than you teach. 
Accommodation Information 

Bedroom, porch, small kitchen, 2 small bathrooms with western toilets and showers, wifi, electricity, and fans. Note that there is no AC and no hot water.

Partners/families are welcome if they can be accommodated into one bedroom.

Studio Information 

The gallery space is open to use as a studio but Residents must be respectful of guests and other artists using the space. There is a quiet room where the archive is where you can write and read or work on your art. There is the porch and small gated garden area.

Technical Information 

A few books on art and Cambodian culture, a few tools. Sammaki offers no materials for the residents at this time.

87, Street 2.5

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