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30 days
Paid by host 

The selected proposals (Category 1 and 2) will get support in logistics, local accommodation and meals (full board) during the 30 days of the residency, transportation from São Paulo to the farm, local transportation, articulations and a funding of R$2.000,00 (Brazilian currency). Doubles will receive the same support as individual proposals.
Rural.scapes is responsible for transportation between the city of São Paulo and the farm and for local transportation during the residency period. Applicants must provide their own transportation between their place of residence to the city of São Paulo, when necessary. The time and place of the departure will be announced in advance. The selected artist remains responsible for the transportation to the farm in case of not being available to travel in the announced date, never exceeding 48 hours from the official starting date of residency, otherwise the participation in the residency may be canceled by the organizers. Local/regional transport in the area of the residency is also rural.scapes’ responsibility.

For Category 3 the visiting researcher will receive lodging, meals (full board) and support in local transport logistics.
Local/regional transport in the area of the residency is also rural.scapes’ responsibility. Researcher must provide their own transportation between the selected applicant’s place of residence to São José do Barreiro, Areias or Queluz. In case there will be an available place in rural.scapes’ car,  from São Paulo to the farm, researchers will be invited to travel together with the other residents.

Paid by artist 

Transportation between the selected applicant’s place of residence to the capital São Paulo is the artists responsibility.

Application guidelines 

They will select projects of different technological supports, analogical and/or digital, where technique, art and handcraft build essays out of their relationship with ‘technology’, here considered as the general technical and scientific knowledge. The program will accept proposals based on the idea of transforming the use of local (electro-mechanic) tools, processes, materials and/or infrastructures (integrated circuits), creating connections between local and global (on-line/ off line network) contexts, considering the specific territory of the residency as base for their development. The selected projects must relate with the local context. They will consider projects that work on Tropeiros Road’s local surrounding elements, between the cities of Silveiras and Bananal, including Queluz, Areias, São José do Barreiro and Arapeí. 
Five professionals, 2 Brazilians and 3 from abroad will gather at Fazenda Santa Teresa to evaluate and select the proposals.

Here you can find more info about the guidelines and the online application.




lab in residence


The rural.scapes - lab in residence proposal - Altered Fields - works on decentralization of artistic production from large urban centers to rural areas. This shift makes us think about what is the rural environment in the century, in the information era.
 How do interdependencies undermined between urban and rural worlds happen? How are these two contexts connected and/or dissociated into their everyday experiences? Displacement, as well as exchange, has a transformative action on paradigm, view, practice and production in both contexts? Considering nature as a group of biosystems and online intelligences networked, Altered Fields points to small emergencies within the infinite experiences of re-cartographing, in small and large scales, creating new representations of old constellations, in processes that demonstrate these places’ potential to resilience.

Accommodation Information 

Selected individuals will stay at the main house of Fazenda Santa Teresa, an ancient coffee farm in the city of São José do Barreiro, located at Estrada dos Tropeiros (former Estrada Real and Caminho do Ouro), Paraiba Valley, São Paulo State, Brazil. Selected artists will have individual bedrooms, living room, kitchen with wood-burning stove, laundry room and two bathrooms for collective use.

Studio Information 

The work space is located at the ancient main remodeled house’s basement, at the margins of the Santana River and an ancient chapel. These spaces will serve as studios and as exhibition venues for the works produced during the residency.

Technical Information 

Rural.scapes offers studios, a stream, vegetable plantation, animals, forest, woodwork tools, farming tools (shovel, hoe, wheelbarrow, etc.), projector (Benq Mw519, 2800 lumens, 13.000:1 contrast), 3 projection screens (4.6 x 3.3 meters), active sound system, basic electronic workshop (welder, pliers, components, arduino, etc.), printer, sewing machine, DMX controller crocodile 2024 pro, LED RGBW programmable , sound mixer 4 channels and rural poor 3G internet. rural.scapes remains open to the possibility of discussing extra equipment or materials when necessary and financially possible. This need must be indicated in the application form. Purchased extra materials will remain at the farm as rural.scapes lab’s patrimony in order to be used in future residencies. 


Rural.scapes – lab in residency is headquartered at the main house of an old coffee farm in São José Barreiro, at the foothills of Serra da Bocaina National Park, located on the triple border between São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais, three economically important poles of southeastern Brazil. The farm took part in the coffee and milk economic cycles and is currently dedicated to agriculture and cattle raising. The farm belongs to the city of São José do Barreiro, 12km from the city center. The second closest city is Areias, approximately 12km away. The nearest urban centers offering full commerce and services available are Cruzeiro (51km), Taubaté (130km), Rio de Janeiro (228km) and São Paulo (260km).

São José do Barreiro
São José do Barreiro - SP

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