English, Norwegian, Hindi
1-2 weeks
Paid by host 

Workspace available 24 hours, accommodation with electricity.

Paid by artist 

Travel, fee artists, per diem, all additional costs.

Application guidelines 

R.E.D encourages applications for interdisciplinary projects. A preference will be given to groups/artists with contemporary dance/performance art in combination with developing set design. R.E.D. is open for proposals for the production phase of a project. The residency is only available for summer residencies. Please contact with the host for further details.
Application form can be found here.



Annually 1st March

Residency Eina Danz

Residency Eina Danz



Residency Eina Danz is a center for creation situated by the Eina lake outside of Oslo. Surrounded by Norwegian countryside, R.E.D.’s mission is the following:

  • To provide housing and creative workspace for local and international interdisciplinary artists and groups working with dance.
  • To serve as a concentrated center for artistic development outside the urban landscape.
  • To be a workspace where the artistic process gets the main focus.
  • To provide experience of having a close connection to the raw material, which can be used to build scenography and get direct access to local food.
  • To host an annual summer festival and performances throughout the summer season

The artists in residence has to conclude their stay with a showing, a talk/lecture or a workshop.

Accommodation Information 
  • 4 double bed rooms.
  • 1 WC
  • 1 bath with washing machine and shower
  • 1 bathroom with bathtub/shower and WC
  • Kitchen and Living room. Internet access.

Maximum 8 participants.

Studio Information 

20 x 13,5 meter studio in a barn. 8 meter height. Wooden floor with plates covering the entire space, covered with dance mats (Marley Dance Floor). The studio is fully heated.
Huge outdoor areas, with possibility for setting up a workspace in the woods.

Technical Information 

Simple sound system with speakers, can be connected with computer. Internet access. Possibilities for aerial acrobatics. Access to wood and metal- workshop and local sound studios.

Nyland Gård
2843 Eina

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