1 to 6 months
Paid by artist 

At the moment the Center for Ceramics is still a private institution, which is not supported.
All costs must be covered by the artists. Artists are responsible for all material and firing costs.

May to September 560 € rent for studio, bedroom (incl. sheets), kitchen, libary / a month incl. electricity and water.
October - April 600 € / a month.
The studios are 14-16 qm.
2 different kind of wheels are available.

Application guidelines 

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.
It takes a month to process an application once it has been recieved.
Applicants are encouraged to apply 6-12 month in advance for planning purpurses.

Due to publication deadlines all artists wishing to lead a workshop must submit their residency application at least a year in advance of their residency.

The berlin residency requires the following applications material be submitted in hard copy via the post. Electronic or faxed applications cannot be accepted.

1. Completed application form (link below)
2. Resume (3 pages max.)
3. Proposal (1800 word max.)
4. 2 letters of recommendation with phone and email of the reference
5. 10 images of current work. Any of the following formats are acceptable: 35mm slides, jpegs on CD (file sizes 1.2 MB max each) or 10 photographic prints (min 10x15 cm)
6. List detailing the following information for each image: size, date, material


ongoing applications

Residency for Ceramics

Residency for Ceramics


The residency is designed for artists working in clay or artists with a background in ceramics who wish to undertake a clay project.

The residency provides an opportunity for artists to work in a new context, to experiment and develope new approaches and to explore another culture. The location provides a fantastic opportunity to explore a fascinating city with a thriving local art scene.

Independently working is expected.


Artists have the possibility to present their work at the conclusion of the residency. For an exhibition a minimum stay of 6 weeks is required.
Opportunities are available for resident artists to interact with the local community by presenting their work in a lecture or leading a workshop.

To have an exhibition at the end of the stay is possible and costs around 380 €.

Accommodation Information 

The residency provides studio and living space for up to three artists at a time.

Individual sleeping quarters and a shared bath are housed in the adjacent villa on the property. Wireless internet access is possible in the villa. Please, bring your own computer.

Studio Information 

The studio building houses studios for the resident artists, a kitchen, library and common area for residents.
Adjacent to the studio building are the kiln room, glaze mixing and a spray booth.
Resident artist studios consist of a space which can accomodate one artist and a larger studio which can accomodate two.

The showroom is located on the ground floor of the villa.

Technical Information 

Glaze materials differ in Germany so it might be good to either ship or bring glazes with you. Any specific ceramics tools you wish to use you should bring with you as well. Other studio supplies such as glazes, brushes, paper, tape, plastic etc are all available at local shops or you can already find at the center.


The residency for Ceramics-Berlin is located in the neighborhood of Pankow, 3 miles north of Mitte, the center of East Berlin on a spacious lot surrounded by a beautiful old garden.

The residency is located one block from pankow center and local tram and bus Stops. The U-Bahn and S-Bahn station is about three blocks from the residency facility.
There are two Large city parks within walking distance and most needs can be met by the businesses within the town center.

Ossietzkystr. 13
13187 Berlin
0049 (0) 30 499 02 591
0049 (0) 30 499 02 593

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