English, Swedish
4 - 6 weeks
Paid by host 

A grant of 20 000 SEK (Literature); 30 000 SEK (Ceramics) and 25 000 SEK (Sound Arts)​

Paid by artist 

Travel (can be covered by the grant) and insurance.

Application guidelines 

Fill in the application form and submit to [email protected].


Region Västernorrland

Region Västernorrland



Every year, AIRY - Artist in residence Västernorrland invites a ceramic artist, a sound artist and an author to stay at three inspiring rural locations in Region Västernorrland. Two residencies, ceramic and sound art, are located at Folk High Schools with arts courses, while the third, for visual narrative, is located at a health facility with a focus on the importance art and literature can play in healing.
The residency provides accommodation, food, a grant to cover travel and other expenses, and a host at each location to support the residence artist. The artist will get the time and space to work undisturbed and the opportunity to make connections and engage with the place and the people.
They welcome applications from emerging and established artists and authors.


There is no requirement for artistic production during the residency. You should expect to do a presentation about you as an artist and to spend some time (1-2 days) with the art students at Hola during your stay. The artist will be invited to take part in workshops and/or talks and other events during the residency both at Hola, Österåsen or Ålsta (depending in which residency you participate) and in the region, and they will discuss the possibilities with the selected artist. 
The artist should expect to do at least one talk about their work, and participate in at least one group event with AIRY artists, other artists and authors in the region.

Accommodation Information 
  • Literature: They provide a room of hotel standard with all meals included. You will also have access to a shared kitchen, common areas, exercise facilities, and a swimming pool if desired. Österåsens Hälsohem has an alcohol and drug-free policy. They serve homemade vegetarian food and fish. 
  • Ceramics: They provide a private room with en-suite bathroom, with access to a shared kitchen and dining space. You will also have access to the common living areas in the college. Ålsta Folkhögskola has a drug and alcohol free policy.
  • Sound Arts: They provide a private room (17 m²) with an en-suite bathroom. A small flat (25 m² including kitchenette) may also be available. Hola Folkhögskola has an alcohol and drug-free policy
Studio Information 
  • Literature: There is space to work in the accomodation, and the author will also have access to the common areas of the buildings.
  • Ceramics: Ceramics workshop, with two stoneware ovens (temperature of 1300 degrees Celsius). Dimensions of the oven: 60x50x70 centimetres.
  • Sound Arts: The residency offers a combined sound studio with lab space and workshop. The studio is approximately 17 + 15m². The workshop is around 20 m².
  • Österåsens Hälsohem is beautifully situated overlooking the river Ångermanälven, outside the town of Sollefteå. The castle-like building was opened in 1901 as a sanatorium of King Oscar II. Österåsen has an interesting history in a scenic and culturally stimulating environment. Over the years Österåsen has had many famous writers, artists and musicians as patients, lecturers or visitors. Since 1982, Österåsen is a health and lifestyle centre in the Region Västernorrland. Österåsen offers an inspiring rural and very beautiful environment to stay in.
  • At the centre of Sweden lies Ålsta, in the small community of Fränsta. There, the hectic pace of the city seems distant and you will get time to work undisturbed in the inspiring country setting. The residency offers a fully equipped ceramics workshop with two stoneware ovens and accommodation in the same facility. Although Ålsta is not a central location, there is everything you might want here – grocery stores, a fitness centre and other shops. Public transport such as trains and buses is not far away, and we can also arrange access to a car to tour our delightful surroundings. Sundsvall, the nearest city with direct flight and rail connections to Stockholm, is an hour’s drive away from Ålsta. The distance from Ålsta to Stockholm is around 430 kilometres from (a 4,5 hour drive).
  • Hola Folkhögskola is announcing a sound art residency in Prästmon, Sweden. Hola Folkhögskola, a school similar to a community college, has a long tradition of offering a creative and beautiful environment for people working in the fields of music, sound and art. The school is situated on the shore of the Ångermanälven river in the High Coast World Heritage Site – an area of magnificent, unspoilt nature with many historical places and environments. Through the years Hola Folkhögskola’s Sound Art Course has established a platform for sound art with a practical focus. The course with its network of guest teachers and course leader, Björn Eriksson, is internationally recognised in the audio arts field. The residency offers a combined sound studio with lab space and workshop as well as active hosting that enables access to the regional art life, artist presentations, performances, installations and interaction with the Sound Art Course. Despite its rural location, it is easy to get to Hola, since the college has a train station (Västeraspby) and an airport (Höga Kusten Airport) nearby.
Folkhögskolevägen 5
870 52 Prästmon

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