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1 month (to discuss with the Centre)
Paid by host 

-free accommodation at the guest room 
-free working at the printshop (except plates, papers and special materials) 
-a grant of 400 € for living and material costs 

Paid by artist 

Travel expenses and working material

If you apply directly to the centre (outside of their open call for international artists), the usual fee for the working studio is 13 €/day or 63€/week (excluding the plates, papers and other materials), te usual fee for the photography workshop is 5e/day (darkroom) and the usual fee for the accommodation space is 29€/day.

Application guidelines 

The deadline for 2014 artist residency application has been passed. Please check their website for the latest opportunity.

The Ratamo Printmaking Centre receives applications for a one-month artist residency, for international printmakers, on a yearly basis. Open call for international artists are published on Ratamo website. Usually, you will need to send:

  • fulfilled application form 
  • a working plan 
  • curriculum vitae 
  • at least 6 digital images of your works 

A six-month residency is available, at three-year intervals, for a young European printmaker through the Pépinières Européennes Pour Jeunes Artists residency programme. The next Pépinières residency will take place in Ratamo this year.

Current call for applications within the MAP program of the Pépinières Européennes pour Jeunes Artistes: Ratamo Printmaking and Photography Centre in Jyväskylä, Finland, offers a 6 month residency in an active artists' community. The residency includes a free accommodation, access to the print workshop, an exhibition and a grant. The selection will be based on the quality of art and the proposed project. We prefer community projects with young adults. Further info - apply by March 24 on e-mobility.pro!


Ratamo Printmaking and Photography Centre

Ratamo Printmaking and Photography Centre

former Jyväskylä Centre for Printmaking



Ratamo Printmaking and Photography Centre includes Galleria Ratamo along with both printmaking and photography studios, and is geared for those interested in creating, experimenting and learning printmaking and photographic techniques.

Galleria Ratamo primarily represents printmaking and photography, and shows roughly twelve exhibitions per year.

The Ratamo centre is designed for both professionals and amateurs. The space is used for classes and workshops which are organized by both Ratamo and other organizations such as the Adult Education Centre (Kansalaisopisto). Professional artists and experienced amateurs are able to rent studio space for their personal creative production. The centre also maintains an active international artist residency programme.

Situated in the Jyväskylä Veturitalli complex (former roundhouse), the Ratamo Pprintmaking and Pphotography Centre is one and the same as Galleria Harmonia, the Jyväskylä Centre for Printmaking and the Centre for Creative Photography which formerly operated in the Halonen house.

The Ratamo centre is run by the Jyväskylä Art Museum and the Centre for Creative Photography.

Accommodation Information 

Two separate rooms and a shared kitchen and bathroom.

Facilities include TV, sheets and towels.

Technical Information 

 two electric etching presses (100x70) 
 manual etching press (60x98) 
 aquatint box (90x90) 
 acid trays of various sizes, the largest (max. 80x100) 
 acid: ferro chloride 
 non-toxic methods also in use 

 electric litho press (80x140) 
 manual litho press (80x110) 
 some 40 litho stones (max. 65x80) 

 vacuum bed printing table (125x150) 
 several screen frames (max. 110x130, inner size) 
 pressure washer 
 colours: oilbased and waterbased colours 

 enlarger (max. negative size 13x18) 
 ultraviolet light source (700W-3500W) 
 vacuum frame (100x140) 

The digital photo lab includes PC and programs, a professional an EPSON Pro 7900 printer, which can print up to 61cm / 24” in width.

Veturitallinkatu 6
40100 Jyväskylä
+358 (0) 14 266 4389

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