French, English
3 consecutive months.
Paid by host 

Institut français will allocate a 1500 € fixed monthly allowance. This is intended to cover living expenses such as food, local transport, etc.
The City of Paris will cover the rental of accommodation at the Couvent des Récollets for the duration of the residence.

Paid by artist 

Travel costs to and from Paris, health insurance.

Application guidelines 

This programme is aimed at individual established writers and artists.
The candidates must :
 - have a minimum of 5 years of professional experience,
 - show evidence of previous work and of an artistic career that is already significantly developed,
 - speak French or English,
 - be able to free themselves from other professional activities during the period of the residency.

The selection will be made by a consultative committee composed of professionals from the relevant disciplines. Particular attention will be paid to the artistic quality of the project being proposed, to the necessity of a stay in Paris for the completion of the project, and to the manner in which it will be carried out.


Usually in June for residency the year after

Centre International des Récollets

Centre International des Récollets

Récollets International Accommodation and Exchange Centre - Couvent des Récollets


The City of Paris and the Institut français, France's international agency for cultural policy affiliated to the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, offer a residences’ programme dedicated to established writers and artists in the fields of visual and performing arts who have already achieved international recognition.

The purpose of the residence programme is to host artists and writers who have a specific project to develop in Paris. This project should preferably be carried out in partnership with a previously specified local institution or other structure, a company, or an artist, in Paris or the surrounding area for artists in the fields of visual or performing arts, and/or as part of a research project. The project should be developed in Paris, in harmony with the host town and its cultural environment. This residence, which is a privileged period of reflection and creativity for the artist, will contribute to the presence and visibility of international artists in Paris.

Accommodation Information 

Five residential studios of an average size of 60m²

150-154 rue du Faubourg Saint Martin
75010 Paris
+33 (0)1 53 26 21 01

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