2 months
Paid by host 

Thanks to a mobility grant from Kulturkontakt Nord, Ptarmigan is able to offer grants for artists who are legal resident of the Nordic or Baltic countries, excluding Estonia. This means: Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the Faroe Islands, the Åland Islands, Finland, Latvia and Lithuania. Read more about the grant program here.

Paid by artist 

Residents from countries other than Nordic/Baltic countries need to cover all the costs by themselves.

Application guidelines 

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Note that there is currently an open call for the Axis of Praxis residency in collaboration with Moks. Only Nordic/Baltic residents are eligible to apply for this residency.







Ptarmigan is a project space that has been operating in Helsinki since July 2009. In the spring of 2011, it opened a second location in the Toompea district of Tallinn's old town

Ptarmigan exists to provide a space for various creative projects, with an emphasis on participatory practices. Things that happen at Ptarmigan might include (but are not limited to) art, sound, film, video, performance and discussion. Ptarmigan tries to create unique environments, support collaborative practices and focus specifically on international mobility and unusual educational forms. It is a strictly non-commercial space that looks to the margins for adventurous and challenging scenarios.

Studio Information 

The resident will use Ptarmigan as a personal studio as well as a platform for projects and activities which he or she will produce. The resident will be given one room to use as their dedicated studio. Ptarmigan is equipped also with a kitchen.

The resident may freely use the other available spaces for any creative purposes: one projection/performance room with sound and screening equipment; two big (approx. 25m2) and one small (approx 15m2) working rooms which can function as a space for workshops, discussions, meetings and other sort of activities; a balcony with an extraordinary view (somewhat limited in use by safety and city regulations).

All the rooms have internet access (wireless and wired).

Beside cooperating with current resident, Ptarmigan staff will organise ongoing activities using these spaces and based out of two operational spaces: a small office and a closet/room. The resident is welcome to use these spaces too as long as he/she is an active part of Ptarmigan's fluctuating team.

Ptarmigan usually hosts one resident at a time. Nevertheless the mood and activity of the place changes a lot so it can function both as a calm and concentrated working space or a social and crowded open event venue. Residents are asked to be flexible; they see those able to adapt to a lively, dynamic environment.


Ptarmigan is located in the Toompea district of Tallinn's old town. It occupies the first floor of a unique building from the early 15th century and functions as a flexible and multi-purpose project space.

Toom-Kooli 13
10130 Tallin
various locations

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