English, Hindi, French
1 month
Paid by artist 

Flight tickets, visa and art meaterial expenses.
1000$ USD fee that will includes cost for accommodation, food, pick up from the airport, participation to all activities, weekend visits, etc.

Application guidelines 

Please have a look at their website to download the application form:
Also send them your CV, a brief description of your project, and a few examples of your work (pictures, videos or sound files).




Programme of Residential Experience in Mayurbhanj Culture


The PREMC team is young and enthusiastic, hoping to share the culture and art forms of Odisha, India, with artists from all around the world.

PREMC is that this is NOT the typical art residency, but this will be the time of your life! In fact, while you will have free time to work on your personal project, PREMC will concentrate on discovering Indian culture – the one practice in Orissa, to be precise.
Therefore, your weeks will be divided in two: the first part of the week, will be about learning, through participating in local festivals, going into the houses of people (who will tell you about their rituals, daily life and beliefs), attending talks given by specialists (university teachers, professional artists, priests) and visiting temples and other important places in the surrounding area. In the second half of the week, PREMC will give you time to breath as no activities will be planned, it’s time for you to transform all this inspirational matter into your own creativity and art projects!

Participation to talks; Creation of your own project.

Accommodation Information 

Accommodation and food will observe the local traditions. It is a simple way of living that might be destabilizing at first, but PREMC believes that a real cultural exchange would not be possible in a 5 star hotel. Living the Indian way during this residency will help you to totally immerse yourself in all those amazing traditions observed by the people of Orissa.


Jashipur, Odisha India.

(no fix address)
Jashipur, Odisha Odisha ##
1- 514-664-3452

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