Literature Visual Arts
English, Portuguese and a bit of Spanish
Around one month
Paid by host 

They provide towels, linen, art consulting, general accomodation and working space.

Paid by artist 

The artist pays for flight, bus expenses, his meals and residence fee.

Application guidelines 

Write a letter of intent to Ricardo Ramalho.
You may also send your artistic CV and portfolio link, but that is optional. They want to encourage not only artists to come, but art lovers as well. The cost of the residency is US$ 450 a month. Maximum stay is 3 months. This is a promotional price as the residency just started and they are raising funds to paint the building and work on maintenace.



Prainha Residência Artística

Prainha Residência Artística

Beachfront Program


Prainha artists residency is located right in front of the best beach in the southern state coast. The spot is particulary attractive to surfers. The area is quite well populated as the city is around 480 years old, so it is not a deserted or isolated beach. It is a city beach, but it is a very calm place in weekdays. During weekends many tourists come to enjoy the city. Their program normally lasts one month. The main purpose is to provide a comfortable place for artists to spend some time, socialize, lear new cultures, exchange and relax in an artistic atmosphere. The artists will have a private bedroom and share a big house with other artists and the residency curator.


The residency organizers hope the residents will exercise they art production, learn new cultures, dialog with other guests and locals, travel a bit around, visit big city of São Paulo (just 100km away), have a great time at the beach, get feedback from your work, chat about art strategies and make new friends.

Accommodation Information 

Private bedroom. Shared livingrooms, kitchen, terrace, garden and studio.

Studio Information 

The studio is oriented to painting and drawing but other techniques can be easily organized.

Technical Information 

Residents will have wifi connection. They may cook their own meals.


Itanhaém, Praia dos Pescadores, State of São Paulo.

Av. Ulisses Ferro 65
Itanhaém - SP

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