Visual Arts Music
English, Slovak
10 days
Paid by host 

Accomodation, studio, excursion and part of material costs.

Paid by artist 

Travel, part of material costs (specified in description).

Application guidelines 
  • Visual Artists: Submit photograph of your artworks ( 3-5 color photos of your artwork, jpg format suitable for printing of bulletins) or artist website and the registration form filled completely as an e-mail attachment to: [email protected].
  • Musicians: Submit 2-3 records of your own composed music/songs or web links to 2-3 your own musical compositions and the registration form filled completely as an e-mail attachment to: [email protected].

PPIAC, Slovensko

PPIAC, Slovensko

Artists' Point


Picasso Pupils is an international art organization, which main aim is to create a platform using art as a language between diverse cultures. Main mission of the organization:

  • Togetherness in art, introducing a dialogue between diverse art forms of different cultures. 
  • Building a contemporary art scene cross-cultural relationship.
  • Spreading the art education and social awareness through art.

International art symposium and Festival (Duration: 20.6.2019 – 30.6.2019): The programme will gather professional artists (painters, musicians) from around the world in the village - Vrbovce, surrounded by the White Carpathians Protected Landscape Area in Slovakia. The Art Symposium and Festival will provide an opportunity to experience the beauty of nature, culture and folklore of the region. The main aim of the art symposium is to reflect and promote the local folklore of the Vrbovce region in contemporary art practice.
The programme will host at the same time approx. 4 visual artists and approx. 2 musicians. The Art Symposium is welcoming the application of the professional visual artists who focus in their art work on the areas suitable to the residency environment such as: traditional forms of particular region or natural and cultural specifics of the particular region etc. Musicians having their own compositions, for example - songs with their own vocals or self composed musical pieces playing on any instrument by themselves are the most eligible. They are looking for musicians who are open to any kinds of musical collaboration with other participating musicians or musicians from the region.
The artists will get an opportunity to explore the natural and cultural heritage of the region. Artists will be provided the time for individual contemplation and for execution of their art works in studio space located at the same building of the accommodation. Artists will contribute their knowledge in organized workshop for local school children and youth. There will be introduction evenings, where artists will screen their most important art works (Visual Artists) or perform their creations (Musicians) to the public. At the end of the residency programme (Saturday 29th Jun 2019) there will be a final festival for the public where artists will exhibit the created visual art works (visual artists) and perform musical compositions (musicians) created during the art symposium. 

The organizers will provide canvases and easels. Artists are required to bring their own brushes, papers, colours and other tools for creating visual art works. Musicians will be provided with basic sound equipment. Musicians are required to bring their own musical instruments. Also they will organise a trip to explore the nature and cultural heritage of the region – the visit of International folklore festival in near town Myjava is part of the residency programme as well as the trip to surrounding nature of the village.


Participating visual artists are required to donate two (2) of their art works created during the residency programme (provided canvas size will be approximately 100 x 70cm) towards art collection of PPIAC, Slovensko, which will be further exhibited in final festival and during future art exhibitions organized by PPIAC, Slovensko. Musicians are expected to collaborate with invited resource musicians in the residency for the performance in public at the final festival of the symposium and to collaborate for the documentation of the art symposium. Musicians are expected to perform their own songs/music at the final festival of the residency programme.
The PPIAC, Slovensko reserves the rights to use any produced document (video/audio/photographs) during art residency for promotional purposes and further presentation via exhibitions organized by PPIAC, Slovensko. Artists retain all ownership rights to their images and audio records submitted in portfolio. However, organizers reserves the right to use the images and audio records of all accepted applicants for promotional purposes involving the website or bulletins. Picasso Pupils international art community is not liable for breaches of copyright by the entrants.

Artists should bring all other material/musical instrument for creating/composing art work which are not provided by organizers. Visual Artists have to prepare digital presentation (power point or JPGs saved in order on pendrive) of his/her most important art works and achievements, which will be presented during introduction evenings for public. All artists are expected to facilitate one mentorship workshop for youth within the duration of the symposium or on the final festival. Participating artists will bear their transportation expenditure from their home country to residency in Vrbovce. Participating artist has to attend the art symposium programme for the entire duration.

Accommodation Information 

Accommodation is situated in the centre of the village Vrbovce, surrounded by White Carpathians Protected Landscape Area of Slovakia. Participants will be accommodated in the flat at the top floor of renovated building with three rooms, fully equipped kitchen and bathroom. The building with accommodation has jamming studio, two halls as a studio for visual artists balcony and extra kitchen. The local shops, bistro, pub, bus stop are in walking distance from the accommodation. 

Studio Information 

The building has jamming studio for musicians equipped with basic sound system. For visual artists the studio space will be provided in two halls of the same building. 

90701 Myjava

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