The duration of the stay is eleven months (renewable once) f
Paid by host 


Paid by artist 

Food, transportation, working materials

Application guidelines 

The Residency of La Prée is open to creators in the following disciplines: painting sculpture, architecture, engraving, musical composition, literature, photography, cinema, and audio-visual media.

The selection of candidates is made by a Committee composed of six members from the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Paris and selected representatives of the Pour que l'Esprit Vive Association.

Candidates must have either a university diploma in the arts or must have been chosen by creative works submitted for the consideration of the Selection Committee. The residency is open to nationals of all countries, but requires that
candidates have a good working knowledge of French.
Successful candidates are chosen for a one-year residency, renewable for one and in some cases for two continuous years, if the quality of the candidate's work and its interest to the residence at La Prée justifies such renewal.
Each candidate must submit both personal file and a portfolio.


Pour Que l'Esprit Vive - Abbaye de la Prée

Pour Que l'Esprit Vive - Abbaye de la Prée


The idea of creating an artistic residence was born by the need of many artists to live in a place where they could devote their time exclusively to creating for long periods; a place where they could escape the constraints of urban environments, the demands of every day life and the noise and distractions of the city. In 1992, Pour Que l'Esprit Vive innovated in the old abbey an artist in residence program. The abbey serves as a residence of limited durations for artists of all disciplines to help them in their research and creation. It is administered by Pour que l'Esprit Vive.


At the end of their stay, residents must submit concrete examples of the work (drawings, films, texts, CDs, scores etc) they have accomplished. Support during the progress of each residency is provided by a member of the Selection Committee.

Accommodation Information 

Seven individual residences have been allocated for artists. Each of them has two rooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom. The rooms and apartments granted to the residents are furnished and equipped with dishes and cutlery as well as the necessary bedding and towels.

Residents at La Prée can be accompanied by their spouse and children as long as their regular presence is compatible with collective rules.

Technical Information 

There is a number of study rooms, a library, three workshops, one of which is devoted to engraving.

All public spaces, reception areas, library, work spaces, gardens and grounds, are open for use to all residents, on conditions that proper conduct is maintained and such spaces are put in order after personal use.


Located in the center of France, the domain of La Prée shelters an old Cistercian abbey founded in 1141 by Saint Bernard. It was a monastery until the French Revolution after which it was in private hands for a century and a half. In 1954, it was given to Les petits frères des Pauvres and used as a summer residence for the elderly.
The estate of about 100 acres is boarded by a stream and includes meadows and forests.  The buildings are located on 12 acres of park, enclosed by walls and includes the abbey, the former mill of the abbey (today known as the “hostelry”), a number of annexes and barns.  
In 1992, the associations Les petits frères des Pauvres and Pour Que l’Esprit Vive engaged in a joint project to maximize the use of the two most important buildings of the estate.
— The “hostelry” welcomes the elderly under the responsibility of Les petits frères des Pauvres.
— The abbey serves as a residence of limited duration for artists of all disciplines to help them in their research and creation.  It is administered by Pour que l'Esprit Vive.

69 Bd de Magenta
75010 Paris
Abbaye de la Pree
36100 Ségry
+33 1 42 76 01 71 (Paris)

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