2 weeks - 2 months
Paid by host 

Accommodations for Architecturally based project Residencies only ( see website for details).

Paid by artist 

Accommodation: Popps Packing Studio Residency $700/month; Guest House / Momm & Popp Residency $500/month. The artist is responsible for all travel and living expenses, materials, and art supplies.

Application guidelines 

Online application



November 15 for Momm and Popp Spring 2020 Residency

Popps Packing

Popps Packing


Popps Packing offers residencies for emerging and mid-career artists interested in an immersive studio experience in Detroit. They are interested in artists working in all mediums, especially those who challenge the boundaries of architecture, sculpture, performance, sound, digital, film, painting, and drawing.

Popps Packing offers two distinct residency programs:

  • Studio Residency- Intended for artists who want to develop their private practice. Length of residency is variable, but the hosts recommend a minimum of one month. Residents are provided with bikes to use during their stay. (Public transportation is questionable in Detroit, so the hosts recommend a rental car, or bicycle in the warmer months).
    An exhibition, artist talk, workshop, performance or other form of public engagement is strongly encouraged, but not required.
  • Project Residency - Intended for artists, architects, designers and others who are interested in adding to the fabric of the Popps compound, usually through permanent site specific architectural or infrastructure based works, curated by Team Popps. Projects will ideally be of a sustainable nature and we will provide materials (often from reclaimed sources). Housing costs will be waived for project based residencies, Length of residency is based on individual project requirements. Future projects will include, but are not limited to: mobile sauna, miscellaneous Popps Emporium rehabs, climbing wall, solar collection strategies, rooftop gardens, Poppa Joe’s attic studio build out, parapet restructuring, watchtower residency pod…
  • Momm & Popp family residency invites parent artists into our unique arts ecosystem. Residents have the ability to explore hybrid forms of life and work, in which children can become an intrinsic part of the workspace and creative experience. Families are housed in the Guest House, a single family house across the street from Popps Packing and adjacent to their workshop and expansive green spaces for a one month residency program.
Accommodation Information 

Residency fees cover housing accommodations and provide access to the various on-site work spaces. 

Technical Information 

Popps Shop includes table saw, compound miter saw, tig welder, oxy/acetylene torch, band saw, drill press, bench grinder, belt/disc sander, various power and hand tools.


Popps Packing straddles the northern Hamtramck / Detroit border. Hamtramck is a dense, 2.1 square mile, culturally diverse city within a city, almost entirely surrounded by Detroit. Hamtramck was originally settled by German farmers, followed by a flood of Polish immigrants in the early part of the 20th century. Over the past thirty years a large number of immigrants (Yemenis, Bengali, Macedonian, Turkish, and Russian to name a few) have continued to move to Hamtramck, making it Michigan’s most internationally diverse city, as well as it’s densest.

12138 Saint Aubin
Hamtramck, MI 48212
United States

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