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Minimum stay 1 week and maximum stay 4 weeks
Paid by artist 

For the Writing Residency in March, costs are €387 (in shared dormitory sleeping), including all costs. In June and July, residency costs are €30 a day (in shared dormitory sleeping) . These costs are per person, and include accommodation, food, use of kitchen and communal spaces, studio use, access to the Ponderosa Living Library, and other incidental costs (wood for heating, water, gas, internet, etc). Generally, the organising of meals and food shopping is undertaken as a communal activity, discussed and agreed on by all participants.

Application guidelines 

Please follow the application guidelines and sign-up forms on their website. For any questions regarding your stay, please contact us under [email protected].


paid by host
materials costs
studio space
basic tools and equipment
reharsal space
technical assistance



Winter residency


Ponderosa is a place for writers, performers and artists who would like to research, rehearse, and refine their work. Residencies at Ponderosa provide everything that is needed for deep and concentrated work, while also allowing for a collective experience, shared social spaces, and collective discussion and exchange with like-minded artists. They offer one old farm, with four studios (two of them are heatable) and endless surrounding fields, forests, lakes, and rivers in the area of the Nationalpark Unteres Odertal, right by the Oder river marking the border between Germany and Poland – all of this to trigger your imagination and creativity.
The residency offers both shared dormitory sleeping and single rooms. Participants share a living space and a kitchen with a fireplace. Residencies often involve shared dinners, cats on your lap, deep thoughts, focused time, and the possibility for sustained creative work. Participants often share physical and artistic practices, as well as work-in-progess showings, discussion, and feedback.
The Air Camp Summer Artist Exchange in 2020 is a two month open residency which will happen at Ponderosa in June and July 2020 for artists, researchers, curators, dancers, and writers. They recommend you to come at least for 2 weeks, giving you enough space and time to fully emerge into the experience here.


As decided by participants. Often involves showings of work, small exhibitions, sharing of artistic processes and research results and more.

Accommodation Information 

Both residencies offer shared dormitory sleeping and single rooms. Participants share a living space and a kitchen with a fireplace.

Studio Information 

Ponderosa has four available studios, and several large common areas, along with myriad outdoor spaces for exploration and transformation. The studios are:

  • Mini Studio, including the Living Library – 45 sq. m. (485 sq. ft.)
  • Lighthcastle Studio – 65 sq. m. (130 su.m 1400 sq. ft)
  • Small Studio (warmer months only) – 120 sq. m. (1300 sq. ft.)
  • Kuhstall Large Studio (warmer months only) – 300 sq. m. (3230 sq. ft.)
Technical Information 

2 sound systems, CD players, Microphone, Amplifier, Theater lights and light board (Kuhstall studio), Carpentry tools, Power tools & machines (available upon capability).


Ponderosa is located in the village of Stolzenhagen, in the Nationalpark Unteres Odertal, right by the border between Germany and Poland, and around an hour away from Berlin on the train.

Here you can read more about the project from Mariia Bakalo, developed in the residency and supported by i-Portunus, EU Mobility Scheme for artists and cultural professionals.

Gutshof 3
16248 Stolzenhagen

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