Multi Media Media Art
Spanish, English
1 week to 2 months
Paid by host 

The artist will receive twelve thousand euros (12,000 €) gross as fees and a grant of up to two thousand euros (2,000 €) gross for travel, accommodation and expenses at LABoral.

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Plataforma 0, LABoral

Plataforma 0, LABoral

Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial


Telefonica R+D and LABoral are seeking researchers/artists/designers who are working on artistic and research projects exploring the modulation of human behavior in groups of people through new technologies, particularly ideas and techniques involving data mining and pattern recognition, machine learning, collective group behavior and wearable technologies and biometric data and similar.

Key Words: Quantifed Self, behavior, self-tracking, aggregate data, machine learning, wearable tracking

It is important to reflect on these frameworks and to explore the impact that the Internet of Things, and Interactions Machine to Machine (M2M) can have on the lives of people, on a scale that spans from individual to whole societies.

It will be appreciated in the proposals:
- That may be converted in manufactured objects, employed by people and societies.
- Connected wirelessly to the Internet.

The call is open to all creators in the space between art and technology.

The selected project will be awared with a six (6) month artist fellowship, split between LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial (through Plataforma 0. Production Centre) in Gijón for (2) two months and Telefónica R+D (Telefonica's technology research and development arm) in Barcelona for (4) four months. The goal of the fellowship is to enable the fellow to bring the chosen idea to life.

More information:http://www.laboralcentrodearte.org/en/r/convocatorias/nextthings15

Technical Information 

Besides the studio spaces, the artists have access to the different laboratories that the center hosts:

  • fabLAB Asturias:one of the labs integrated in the global network of fab labs, among other workshops that research on digital manufacturing using computer-controlled machines to manufacture physical objects from digital designs, as well as projecting and creating electronic tools and device.
  • Audiovisual LAB: A space for experimenting and research of the new audiovisual forms of contemporary art, supporting artists with whom they collaborate directly for developing their projects from conception or adapting them to the halls of the Art Centre.
  • Sound LAB Conceived as a space for experimentation in the various practices of contemporary sound art, the Sound LAB aimed at fostering and providing technical and creative support to contemporary art practices related with sound following three lines of action: production, research and education. The Sound LAB is part of Plataforma 0. Production Center, the area of ​​research, production and resources of LABoral. Located in a 122 square meters compound, in the southern area of LABoral, the Sound LAB is divided into three areas: achiving-documentation, listening room-exhibition area-experimentation workshop and control room.
Los Prados, 121
33394 Gijon Asturias
+34 985 185 577

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