English, Italian
1 month (from February 1st to March 1st 2015)
Paid by host 

The selected candidates will be granted a €5000 salary and an expense reimbursement for the project up to €1500. Coverage for any travel expenses up to a maximum of €500 as well as boarding and lodging for the entire period of the residence will also be provided.

Paid by artist 

Applicants from countries outside the European Union must have a valid Italian residency permit covering the entire duration of the program and must take care of the necessary procedures to apply for one independently.

Application guidelines 

Applicants should submit a project to be developed during the residence period. Priority will be given to projects with obvious creative-generative contribution, that may stimulate the debate upon the company's internal dynamics expressed in the announcement. There are no restrictions on the type of project that may be submitted, provided that it is consistent with the topics covered in the competition assignment.

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Pespow Creative Residency

Pespow Creative Residency

Pespow ltd.


Pespow collaborates with fashion brands in the designing and production of quality sportswear, in line with the richness of Italian style. Working with a network of affiliates in strategic areas of the world, Pespow takes part the whole process with creativity and attention to detail.

Pespow Creative Residency is the result of the firsthand experience of a business firm. It aims to give voice to the confusion of those who deal daily with the complex context of global production. Pespow believes that an artistic point of view and creative approach to the socio-economic problems we are facing can help those who are in control of guiding the production process. The sharing of perspectives, knowledge, skills and culture will help to develop various alternative visions. Pespow wants to start a debate and arouse a reaction between artists, thinkers, designers and individuals in general within a creative community.

For the residency, Pespow is looking for an idea, a project, an experience, an installation, a performance, or any other proposal addressing these issues. Pespow would like to give meaning to a territory and to the many stories that have animated it over time.


During the residency meetings and discussions on the topics proposed will take place, involving members of the local art and intellectual scene. The program will be completed with a public presentation of the work.

Accommodation Information 

Accomodation close to the residency site will be provided by the host.

Studio Information 

A studio space will be provided within the Pespow production site, where they can develop their projects while interacting with the productive apparatus and its components.

Via dell'Industria 23,
35018 San Martino di Lupari PD

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