English, Slovak, Spanish
2-3 weeks
Paid by artist 

Transport, meals, visa tramits and Medical insurance are at the charge of the artist. The rent of the room is 100 Euro per week. Proposals of residency exchange or mutual projects might be also considered, in case of financial problems.

Application guidelines 

Although they like to receive every creative mind, they believe that the interchange of experience can be richer with persons that work with the space and particularly architects, sculptors, urbanists, photographers, new-media artists, writers or curators in need of a silent period.


All year long, with previous arrangement

Periférne Centrá

Periférne Centrá


The residency is located in Dubravica (center Slovakia) and it has a 2-room space that Periférne Centrá uses partially as office. During the year, this non-profit organizes several events like the 'Landscape, revisited' workshop, when they receive artists that come to enrich their outdoors gallery. A residency in Dubravica can take many forms. The non-profit has been focusing on art in villages, ecology and mobility. Hence, they'd like to welcome creative minds to develop cultural products that are related with nature and local life or to be part of their Land art gallery (Kunstdorf).


For those who wish to share their work with local villagers, Periférne Centrá can organize an exhibition, a reading or a concert for a small, informal audience. Guest artists can also use the host's network of micro-residencies among Slovakia to create larger projects.

Accommodation Information 

15 squared meter bedroom with shower and toilet, individual bed and drawers. There's also an extra couch.

Studio Information 

32 squared meter studio with with a small kitchen and oven. This studio is shared as a multi-funtional with artists and locals.

Technical Information 

The residency space is a cozy 15-squared meter bedroom with bathroom and a larger studio that it's also used as office and common space. Most of the activities are done outdoors or in the several spaces of the village. The residency can accommodate one artist or couple at a time. The place has all services and also wi-fi.


Dúbravica [population 300] is located in center Slovakia, in the region known as North Polana. The village is surrounded by deep forest and mountains. The village is in between two major cities: Zvolen and Banská Bystrica.

Dúbravica 62
97633 Dúbravica
+421 907-842-091

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