English, Italian, French
1 to 4 weeks
Paid by host 

Working space, accommodation, internet connection, electricity, heating, water

Paid by artist 

OZU doesn't receive any public fund, so the survival of the cultural center depends entirely on its activities, and on the contributions of its guests and friends. For this reason OZU asks its guests to support the activity of the independent centre with a contribution of 20 Euro per day. A reduction is applied for long residencies (starting from 2 weeks). A different economic agreement should be taken for long terms co-housing and co-working projects.

Artists should also provide to their travel expenses and working materials.

Artists can join the hosts during meals with a contribution of 5 Euro per meal. Alternatively they can use all the facilities of the kitchen.

Application guidelines 

If you are interested, please write an email to: There is no application form to take part in the residency. You just have to agree with OZU's spirit and check availability for the period required.

In October 2013, Sagra Delle Words is organising a one-week writers' retreat that is hosted at OZU. By applying before march 31, 2013, you can win a free place (incl. free accommodation, meals, writers' workshops). Read more about it here.



for the regular residency program - ongoing
origin of residents
How long
up to 1 month
financial structure
own contribution by residents
basic tools and equipment
reharsal space
only one resident

OZU cultural center

OZU cultural center


OZU is a residential cultural and arts centre, located in an ex-candy factory, in the heart of the Sabine hills, in the centre of Italy. OZU is a laboratory for production; a place of exchange, encounter and collaboration. 1.250 square metres of creative freedom in which to develop new and innovative cultural programmes and activities.

Living at OZU are people from various artistic disciplines, producing and promoting a wide range of diverse cultural projects.

In OZU you will find:

  • hospitality
  • a place for creating, rehearsing, presenting or...
  • the best Italian food freshly cooked for you
  • a peaceful and beautiful location for relaxation and rejuvenation
  • a creative atmosphere full of stimulation
Accommodation Information 

OZU is a sort of a little community, a mix between a big family and a creative lab. In OZU regularly live 3/5 people, who work here as well (in different artistic fields) and run the place. The situation is very informal and flexible, and with a big spirit of cooperation and enthusiasm. 

The life in the center is co-housing style. Each one has his private room in a common living space. Rooms are minimally furnished. Accommodation for the guests is provided in one or more of the rooms as well, or in the dorm, where OZU can host groups up to 10 people. There is a common and fully equipped kitchen and common toilets/bathrooms.

OZU residencies are only a part of its activities, thanks to which OZU can have a really good exchange with people from all over the world, but the place is not set up like an hotel, so please, expect a "not standard" place!

OZU is located in the countryside and usually the hosts do all the shopping, they cook and eat together (all food, vegetarian or not is prepared mainly with local organic products). The idea of eating together is to have a nice meeting with their guest, but it is not a restaurant! And if you like to cook, you're more then welcome to cook your specialities sometimes!

Studio Information 

OZU is located in an ex-candy factory that has been restored and equipped for its new needs, becoming a multifunctional and versatile cultural space. The space is ideal for any artist or anyone wishing to enjoy the fresh, clean country air, and the wonders of nature, combined with an exchange with other artists.

The building is composed of 3 big studios (250 square metres each), an office area and a living area.

  • Room nr. 1 is a photographic studio, fully equipped with banks window lights, flash Bowens, dark room.
  • Room nr. 2 is a studio used to work with materials (sculpture, ceramic, painting, etc.). The studio is equipped with a gas kiln, a small electric kiln and wheel. 
  • Room nr.3 is a multifunctional studio. This space is ideal for any kind of creative activity. It can be either used as a rehearsal room (dance, theatre, movement - dance floor is available) or as a working space with any kind of materials. The room is completely empty, but furniture, staging or other needs can be arranged as required.

To have a much clear idea of the spaces please check this website.


OZU is located in a rural setting, in a very isolated place. It's surrounded by beautiful landscapes, rolling hills, authentic and uncontaminated nature, in the heart of Sabina region, in the centre of Italy. OZU is located about 5 km from the small village Monteleone Sabino. The city of Rome, that is only 60 Km from OZU, can be easily reached by car, bus or train. To move in the area, if you don't have a car, you can use the center's bikes for free or rent a car.

Località Largo Moricone 1
02033 Monteleone Sabino

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