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Oficinas do Convento

Oficinas do Convento

Residências Novas Formas


The Artistic Residency Program is a project of promotion of artistic creation, centered in Art and Nature, which aims to explore an earth-connected knowledge, the construction of landscape and the traditional methods and techniques. The Residencies will occur in sites with a strong patrimonial and artistic value and should contribute to the rescue of materials and resources. They will be centered in Montemor-o-Novo, its historic and natural patrimony, and its inhabitants. The candidates can ask the Association for any information that can be used to the construction of their proposals.


Artist residency - The artistic have a place to sleep can use the toilets and kitchen, but needs to bring/buy his own materials, and can use tools

Ceramica/Sculpture residency - paid residencies depending on the needs of the artist. Have to make the proposal so we can provide a cost estimation.

Material and technical assistance provided.




Final exhibition

R. Carreira de S. Francisco
Convento de São Francisco
7050 – 160 Montemor-o-Novo
266 899 824

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