English, Portuguese
4 months
Paid by host 

For performers:

  • Engagement fees: €615 (9 rehearsals, 3 performances + post-concert Q&As)
  • Travel support up to €150 each way (so, €300 in total)
  • Paid accommodation, food and local transports for concert dates (12-15th July 2018)
  1. professional audiovisual documentation, whose products you will be free to use as you wish.

For authorial artists (composers/choreographers etc.):

  • Commission fee: €1500.
  • Professional audiovisual documentation, whose products you will be free to use as you wish.
  • As part of the larger scope of the project, scores and scripts, along with other textual contributions, will be edited and published in a collection, an exemplar of which will be sent to all of those whose works will have been performed.
Paid by artist 

Performers need to cover their travel costs.
Authorial artists: the organizers cannot pay for the trips or accommodation. Nevertheless, they are very happy to write you a support letter with a strong institutional presence (local authorities) may you wish to apply for funding to be able to attend.

Application guidelines 

New Maker Ensemble

New Maker Ensemble



The NME comes together in late 2014 as a laboratory for experimentation with various forms of new music and performance art. It welcomes and brings together individuals of different cultural and educational backgrounds, assuming difference as richness rather than threatening otherness.

Through a permeable culture of collaboration, the group has developed extended notions of what music can be or interact with. It stands holistically and investigatively before the environment, its creative economy and ever-changing cultural dynamics. Bearing always a critical and interdisciplinary approach to creation, the ensemble recognises tradition's usefulness but is equally drawn towards a permanent thirst for exploration of the new or the unknown.

SYSTEM 2 STAGES is a new interdisciplinary music/performance art project taking place in July 2018 in Madeira Island, Portugal. The organizers are looking for pre-existing scores or scripts of any kind, but also want to hear about proposals for a commission. Additionally, they are searching for performers who are interested in working with them. Before you apply, please read more about the project and its theme.

  • 3 public concerts in major theatres in Madeira Island
  • A collection of published scores/scripts/other texts
Accommodation Information 

For performers only: Local, urban places in Funchal.

Studio Information 

Rehearsals and bottom-up creative sessions will be held in London, between April and July in SE London, at Goldsmiths, University of London. Rooms will be neutrally equipped with musical instruments.

48 Hawke Tower
Nynehead Street
SE14 6HJ
United Kingdom

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