Finnish, English
1-3 months
Paid by artist 

Residency fee, travel, materials.

The rent for a private bedroom with a shared kitchen and bathroom is 400 euros/month (incl. taxes) or 200 euros plus giving a workshop.

Application guidelines 

Please fill out and print the application form (remember to sign it) and send it via mail or email. 
Please attach your work plan, previous work examples and a CV/resume. Also, include the preferred date(s) and length of your stay on your application.


Nelimarkka Museum

Nelimarkka Museum



The Nelimarkka Residence and Museum complex are built by the artist Eero Nelimarkka in 1964, creating the opportunity for artists to work in a quiet environment where nature speaks. The residence premises can be rented to Finnish and foreign artists. During the year about 10 artists live and work there.


The artists can give a workshop for the museum visitors or a local school during their stay. The museum staff will assist with the workshop.

Accommodation Information 

The Residency is located at an old artist Villa, built in 1930’s. A residency includes the use of a studio, common areas, and a private bedroom. The Villa can accommodate two artist at a time.
There are two options: a separate bedroom with open studio space or a studio combined with bedroom. Both of the studios and bedrooms are upstairs. The Villa accommodates 2 artists at a time. Common areas such as the kitchen and shower are downstairs. There is a wifi-connection at the Villa. During the summer, the downstairs of the Villa is open to the public Tue-Fri 13-17 and there are occasional events at other times.

Studio Information 
  • 1st studio-bedroom combination: a lockable bedroom & a separate open studio space without a door just above the staircase
  • 2nd studio-bedroom combination: bedroom and studio in the same space which can be locked.

The residency is located in a rural setting, four kilometres from the small Alajärvi town centre, close to a lake and natural surroundings. The immediate environment is one of rural solitude and stillness, perfect for those wishing to escape into the countryside and work without distraction. The residence is situated in the south of the Ostrobothnian Lake District area. Alajärvi is a municipality of Finland. It is located in the province of Western Finland and is part of the Southern Ostrobothnia region. The municipality is unilingually Finnish.
Residents are living in the beautiful old villa in relative solitude.  Artists are encouraged to adapt their practise to the conditions of the house, and use the surroundings as an art environment. Bicycles enable local transportation but aside from that, residents are relatively alone in their surroundings.

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