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For the Standard residency, stays go from 1 week to 3 months
Paid by host 

Accommodation and working space.

In the case of Sound Art Residencies, Nau Côclea covers up to 300 euros of travel expenses.

Paid by artist 

Residents should pay a fee to contribute to the residence expenses: hot water, firewood, power, cleaning, Wi-Fi and furniture. The fee varies depending on the number of residents: 1 resident 15 € per day; 2 residents 20 € per day (10 € each person); 3 o 4 residents 30 € per day (10-7,5 € each person). This fee may occasionally be funded.

Nau Côclea

Nau Côclea


Nau Côclea is a meeting point between culture and nature. The center is dedicated to research, production and the presentation of contemporary art and culture projects. Nau Côclea has a small residence space for creators and researchers. The stays are usually short, between seven days and three months. The resident artists carry out projects in collaboration with the center and the local people.


They offer two types of residencies: 

  • Production residencies: Nau Côclea will provide accommodation and studio space and some equipment. The artist will also receive assistance from the team, help in contacting material suppliers and will be put in contact with the local artist community.
  • Sound Art residencies: specific for sound art and experimental music projects. Accommodation, pre-production support will be provided, as well as advie from the staff. The artist is expected to present the resulting work in the Musica 13 Festival, yearly organized by Nau Côclea.
Accommodation Information 

Residencies include accommodation for artists (maximum 4) in a small independent house situated in a rural area. The house has two double bedrooms, a small kitchen, a bathroom and a living room with a firewood stove. 

Studio Information 

Residents can also use the common office of the centre (50 m2 library and meeting place) and the workshop/rehearsal room (80 m2).

Technical Information 

Depending on their needs and the centre's schedule, residents may use the audio-visual equipment, exhibition and work spaces. Some Nau Côclea resources (high-definition video camera, sound equipment, video projector, etc.) may be used. Consult the appendix for features of the spaces and the list of equipment.

Afores s/n, zona de Lluena
17465 Camallera, Alt Empordà, Girona Castellón
(+34) 972 795 002

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