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From 2 weeks to 6 months
Paid by host 

They assist in searching grants in order to cover resident costs.

Paid by artist 

The residency is fully paid by artist, price is 60 000 RUB per month; it includes living-room, studio and exhibition place, as well as various kind of services (translator, current review of Moscow art life, meetings with artists and curators, scientific and technical support and other necessary consultations).

Application guidelines 

The artist should send an application form, portfolio and a motivation letter. Applications will be considered throughout the year on a rolling basis. Within ten days of application receipt, artist-in-residence program coordinators notify the applicant that her/his application has been forwarded to the Moscow City Galleries Network Expert Council.



Moscow City Galleries Network

Moscow City Galleries Network

Moscow Artist-in-residency-programme


Varshavka and Skolkovo workshop galleries are located in the south and west of Moscow, respectively. Tens of thousands of people reside around them, in housing complexes built between 1970s and 2000s. Cafes and clubs, factories and theaters, the largest science innovation center and parks – all this forms a special atmosphere in these districts, located 12-15 km away from the city center (public transportation allow for covering that distance in 25-30 minutes). Moscow Artist in residency programme would like to build dialog with local people and visiting artists, involve them in their activity, to create new points of interests in the district (public art, street art, site-specific art and so on).


Exhibition, presentation, artist talk, educational events, public art.

Accommodation Information 

Living-room and equipped studio.

Studio Information 

One studio is fully equipped for mosaic work and 2 studios for various kind of visual/media art.

Technical Information 

Mosaic studio with all kind of materials (smalt etc.) and working tools (special tables, instruments etc.) and 2 studios which are equipped according to the resident's technical rider.

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Skolkovskoe shosse 32
Russian Federation

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