1 months
Paid by host 

Miso Music Portugal will provide a monthly amount of 300 Euros to help covering the composer’s expenses.


Application guidelines 

- Applications for creation residencies at the LEC are made by submitting a project to create an electroacoustic work. Candidates must also present, a curriculum vitae and other informations relevant for the application. Letters of recommendation may also be submitted. Candidates are invited to submit recordings of his works.
- Candidatures are the subject of a preliminary selection following which, the shortlisted candidates will be called for an interview. After the interview a decision by the management of the LEC will be taken. 
- The selection of a candidate, implies on his behalf the acceptance of the Conditions of the LEC. 
- The selected candidates shall have a period of 1 month to compose a original electroacoustic work, with a duration between 5 and 15 minutes approximately, this work should be presented in a world premiere concert at the Miso Music Portugal Concert Season or the Música Viva Festival. Any public presentation of this work should state the LEC as a place of composition. 
- The residence at the LEC creation presupposes respect for the occupancy map to define in each case.

Miso Music Portugal

Miso Music Portugal


Continuing its policy of promoting and encouraging musical creation, Miso Music Portugal runs a programme of artistic residencies in LEC (Lab for Electroacoustic Creation). The composers chosen for the residency are to create a new electroacoustic piece for tape, lasting approximately 5 to 15 minutes. LEC provides composers not only with an electroacoustic music creation studio, but also a rehearsal studio with multi-channel diffusion system. The residencies give composers the opportunity to present their work in concert, performed by the Loudspeaker Orchestra during the Miso Music Portugal Season or the Música Viva Festival. All of the ulterior presentations of the work must mention LEC as the context of its creation.

LEC establishes partnerships with several foreign studios offering Portuguese composers the opportunity to make residencies abroad.

Every year the Miso Music Portugal Electroacoustic Studio (LEC) accepts applications for four artistic residencies from Portuguese and foreign composers.


The works created within the residency will be presented at the Miso Music Portugal Concert Season or the Música Viva Festival with the Miso Music Portugal Loudspeaker Orchestra.

Accommodation Information 

Miso Music Portugal does not provide accommodation for the composer in residence. Nevertheless they can provide help in arranging accommodation close to the residency location.

Studio Information 


Technical Information 

1 x Apple MacPro 2.93GHz, 12Mb RAM (Mac OSX 10.6.8 + Windows 7)

Audio Interfaces
1 x MOTU 896 digital audio interface
1 x Digidesign MBox2 Mini

1 x Roland PC-200 keyboard controller (49 keys)
1 x Mackie Control motorized faders
1 x Peavey PC1600 Midi Fader Box

Other Hardware 
1 x Audiopro CD 70
1 x K7 4 tracks recorder with dbx
1 x ADAT XT20
1 x Behringer Mixer
1 x Digitech TSR24S with dual processors

MIDI Interfaces
1 x MOTU microlite USB

2 Alesis active monitor loudspeakers MKII
8 Meyer-Sound UPM 1P
1 Meyer-Sound Sub-Woofer UMS

Diferent microphones brands and models, that will be provided according to project needs.

Notation Software
Sibelius 6
Finale 2011
Noteability Pro 2.0

Audio / Sequencers / Programming 
Max/MSP 6
Digital Performer 7
Avid Pro Tools 8
Bias Peak
Metasynth Pro 5
Ircam Open Music
Ircam AudioSculpt
Ircam Diphone
Ircam Modalys/Modalyser
Ircam Real-time libraries for Max/MSP
AudioHijack Pro
Apple DVD studio Pro
Apple Final Cut Pro
Roxio Toast

Digital Performer 7 plugins
Avid ProTools 8 plugins
ArtsAcoustic Reverb VST
Native Instruments KOMPLETE 4
GRM Tools VST Classic plug-ins



Situated in Parede, outside Lisbon, on the way to the west coast (Cascais train line). The journey takes approximately 20-30 minutes from the centre of Lisbon. The trains depart from Cais do Sodré station. 

Rua do Douro 92, Rebelva 2775-318
2785 Parede
+351 21 4575068

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