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1 week up to 6 months. To learn the proces of working with b
Paid by artist 

Artists pay a weekly/monthly rent for the pavillion of appartment. All is self catered. Detailed prices for accommodation and other expenses can be found here.

Application guidelines 

please send us a mail with infoamtion about yourself, your work and a short motivation what you would like to learn and do.


apply any time

MIET air

MIET air


MIET AIR is a private initiative offering sculptors the opportunity to learn and find inspiration in a stimulating environment . There is a great deal of expertise on bronze and the complete casting process. MIET AIR is initiated by Loek Hambeukers and Bart Stok. Loek Hambeukers has been a sculptor/artist for years. He specialises in working with bronze. Bart Stok is an entrepreneur who has always had a passion for art. After years of working in 2D, he has been a sculptor now for over 10 years.

MIET AIR is primarily aimed at sculptors / 3-dimensional artists. For this group, it is especially difficult to work outside of their own studio because of the materials, tools and equipment they use. 
Artists from other disciplines are also welcome when not all pavilions and apartments are taken. MIET AIR offers comfortable accommodation and a fully equipped workshop for the use of stone, bronze, metal, ceramics and glass. There is a great deal of expertise on bronze and the complete casting process. MIET AIR offers sculptors a place in the project for a maximum stay of 6 months.

The host will organize exhibitions once or twice a year.

Accommodation Information 

The host has 3 pavillions where you can live and work in- and outside and 2 appartments where you can live and work outside.

Studio Information 

Resident artists can work in your own pavillion or in the workshop where the host has all the equipment available for working in bronze.

Technical Information 

They have all the equipment and knowlegde for working in bronze.


Rural area in the south of Holland, 120 km form Amsterdam, 500/600 km from Paris, Berlin and London.

Grensweg 6
5437NH Beers

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