English, Chinese
2 weeks - 2 months
Paid by host 

At the moment, A4 Art Museum provide a round-trip plane ticket, accommodations, studio, material fees (CNY10000), different kinds of salons and sharing sessions and other opportunities; the specifics are determined by the project of the artist and the yearly schedule of projects and events of the museum. In terms of the expenses which are covered by the artist, these change from year to year.

Paid by artist 

Living expenses, visa fees, personal expenses, and successful eligible artist need to provide the invoicing of travel insurance in the residency period.

Application guidelines 

Applicants should provide:

  • The latest CV in English and ensure all information in the CV is accurate.
  • Collection of representative work should reflect the artistic quality and can fully represent the personal style of the artist. The size of easel painting picture and similar art works should be of the same viewing quality, about 1M in size and named in the standard order (name of the artist, name of the work, category/ material, size, and year). Music and similar works should provide MP3 document or website link; performance art and installation work should provide image information and descriptions with the quality of the picture and format same as described above. Work of other types can use supporting materials accordingly. All materials should be in English.
  • Program plan during residence is a preliminary draft of art creation plan made by the artist; it may include an overall plan of the residence and requirements during the implementation of that plan such as material, space and people. Applicants can make specific creation plans for specific programs. The plan should be in English and Chinese.
  • The Residence Application Form is the major application document. Please download and fill it in. The form should be completed in English.

Upon completion, please send it to Luxelakes•A4 Art Museum official email at: with the title as: A4 Artist in Residence International Exchange Program.




A4 Artist in Residence International Exchange Program


LUXELAKES•A4 Art Museum (formerly A4 Contemporary Arts Center) was founded by Chengdu Wide Horizon Investment Group Co., Ltd. in March of 2008. In 2016, it relocated to an art center in Chengdu’s LUXELAKES ECO-CITY and was formally registered as a privately operated non-profit art museum. The Museum is part of LUXELAKES Expo Center, architectural design of which is done by Antoine Predock, while interior design is provided by DesignARC (museum space) and Li Daode (public spaces such as education center and library) respectively. Directed by Sunny Sun, founder of the A4 Contemporary Arts Center, the Museum focuses on the development of dynamic domestic and international art. It is devoted to promoting the academic study and onsite experimentation of new media art in China, both by expanding the scope of international cultural exchange and by focusing on local artistic practices. Through its diverse public education projects and cultural events, LUXELAKES•A4 Art Museum strengthens its connections with the local community and the city at large.
LUXELAKES•A4 Art Museum has developed a range of annual projects, including a themed international contemporary art exhibition, a series of artist case studies, an international artist residency program, and the Young Artist Experimental Season. In addition, the museum organizes public education projects such as lectures, discussions, experimental performances and workshops. In order to provide a diverse range of services to visitors, the museum includes a children’s education center, a public library, a lecture hall, a multimedia presentation center, artist residency studios, a museum store, and a cafe. Through sustained cooperation with domestic and international artists, and by designing academic and educational opportunities, the museum has built a leading contemporary art platform in China.

Since the project was formally initiated in April 2013, A4’s artist in residence international exchange program has given many artists, curators, and designers from China and abroad the opportunity to exchange and interact with one another. It has also encouraged innovative artists and artist groups with contributions to public knowledge to carry out participatory projects that intervene in the community or city. The international residency’s locally based production, exchange, and exhibitions strengthen cultural exchange and academic dialogue between the institution and its surroundings. Based in the local community, Luxelakes•A4 Art Museum not only provides exemplary academic support, it also coordinates events and discussions during the duration of the residency, making it possible for participants to expand, diversify, and deepen their artistic practices.
At present, the artist in residence international exchange program is divided into four distinct sections: invitational residency, city based residency exchanges, open applications for international and domestic artists, and residencies specifically for public art projects.


The artists must finish their work before the end of the residency period in order to participate in the sharing sessions organized by the museum, the talks, salons and other activities. If the works are completed in time and A4 have enough budget and exhibition space, the organizers will think about realizing an exhibition.

Accommodation Information 

They provide one apartment with 3 independent rooms, 1 living room with sofa, 2 toilets with shower facilities and 1 kitchen with cooking utensils. Free WiFi access is provided in the whole apartment. Each room will provide air conditioning, a TV, a table and a closet. Otherwise the organizers also provide Chengdu map, guide book by A4 art museum, different language books and bilingual menu of nearby restaurant.

Studio Information 

The museum has over 180 sqm of space including three independent studios, and 40 linear square meters of public space, including working areas and functional spaces.

Technical Information 

The museum has over 3,500 sqm of space including three floors of independent exhibition space, and 1500 linear square meters of exhibition space, including working areas and functional spaces: a public library, an academic lecture hall, multi-purpose performance hall, children's educational center, residency studios, gift store, cafe, professional art storage area.

Tianfu New Area
Sichuan Sheng 610031

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