English, Danish, Icelandic
3 months
Paid by host 

Depending on the program.

Paid by artist 

For the program '84' the total cost incl. food, accommodation and workshops is 545.000 ISK which is roughly 4000 Euro.

Application guidelines 

The application process consist of both an application form (application form '84') and a Skype conversation. After filling out the application form you will be invited for a conversation shortly after.


Application is usually ongoing for the different programs.

LungA School

LungA School


Briefly put, the LungA School is an independent, artist-led institution and situation where it is experimented with artistic practice as a way of doing, thinking and being in order to cultivate, disturb, distort and transform our notions of aesthetics, learning and perception. The LungA School currently has two different programs. They exist separately, simultaneously and function as each other’s support and constant interruption. When they talk about programs the organizers are referring to those frames into which they make the initial invitation, and to which the artist can apply. This invitation is a starting point and the way that the programs then unfold and how the relation and boundaries between the programs develop, is constantly moving.

84 — A composition for untrained voices: \'84\' is 84 days. The twelve week program \'84\' is where it all started and this is open for everyone to apply. It takes place two times a year, in the fall and in the spring. The program '84' moves through different stages. These are characterized by a difference in language, a difference in content and a difference in focus, but also by a similarity which allows for several cycles to occur during the program and several opportunities to revisit an idea or a medium in order to experience the changes in perception that occurs over time. The stages occur chronologically, but are overlapping and seamlessly woven together so that the journey through them becomes one continous movement. 
Whether you have a background in art, or wish to pursue further education within this, is not important. It is important that you have a desire to learn and explore, and an openness towards surprises and challenges. 

Residency: The residency program is a twelve-week program that exist alongside the program ’84’. The Residency invites artists to bring their work and practice into the LungA School, and into a situation where they exist alongside all the other activities that takes place, informing, influencing and disturbing these. The residency is curated by the LungA School and is currently by invitation only.


Throughout the programs there will be between 3 and 5 exhibitions that the participants will take part in as well as possibility to arrange workshops, symposiums etc. for the community and the other participants.

Accommodation Information 

In the program '84' rooms are shared with one other person.

Studio Information 

The main studiospace is located in an old Fishnet Factory (a total of 1100 square meters) which they have turned into studiospaces with both individual spaces as well as large shared spaces. The place is located by the fjord, literally three meters from the water. Besides the NetFactory there are smaller, shared studiospaces very near the accommodation, as well as facilities such as a theater hall, cinema, music school, wood workshop.

Technical Information 
  • Local music school with various equipment.
  • Cinema and theater hall
Austurvegur 4
710 Seyðisfjörður

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Update my listing

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