Paid by host 

Honorariums are available to assist with material costs, firing fees and living expenditures. Honorariums can and will be awarded based on the individual artist.


18 ft. wood fired single chamber Toadagama, 120 cubic ft. propane salt kiln, 100

LH Project

LH Project


The LH Project offers an intimate, private setting for serious, committed artists to nourish their creative process. Providing resources an artist working within the ceramic medium needs to explore and develop a body of work along with the chance to escape the rigors and demands of everyday life is the primary vision of the LH Project. Artists working within the ceramic medium who have the desire to explore and develop a body of work and a chance to escape the rigors and demands of everyday life may apply for resident-artist status with the LH. They offer different types of residencies based on the availability of space and type of residence the individual artist requests. The length of stay will be determined depending on current circumstances. Residents will be asked to give a public slideshow during their stay.

Accommodation Information 

The LH Project operates a guest house in the neighboring town of enterprise for use by invited artists and guests of the project. It can accommodate up to six people, has full kitchen and bath facilities and a large backyard patch. The separate garage has been extensively renovated to function as a studio space to hold workshops, classes, slide lectures and communal activities.


Located at the foot of the Wallowa Mountains in Northeastern Oregon.

PO Box #1045
Joseph, OR, OR 97846
United States
541 432 7121
541 432 2302

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