Spanish, Catalan, English
From 1 to 6 months
Paid by host 
  • Working space depending on the needs of the project.
  • Accommodation in a shared room.
  • A contribution for the production of the project to be agreed with the curator.
Paid by artist 
  • Travel expenses
  • Life expenses
Application guidelines 
  • Quality and interest of the proposal.
  • Influence and advantage of the residency in the moment of the artist trajectory and on the development of the project.
  • Long-term residencies and overnight stays will have priority.
  • Working calendar.
  • Projects where Sabadell has an specific attention.
  • Projects that make a best use of Nauestruch infrastructure or its social resources. 
  • Interest, availability and engagement of the applicant with the training, relationship and cooperative activities of Nauestruch.




L’Estruch, Fábrica de creació de les arts en viu is a Sabadell council equipment with more than twenty years path that reaches a broad spectrum of the contemporary artistic practices. L’Estruch is distinguished by searching permeability amongst disciplines such as dance, circus, visual arts, performance, sound experimentation and technologic development. Its results nourish the international artistic circuit but also other spheres as the social, academic or industrial ones. Nauestruch is the specialized area in visual arts and performance, with specific attention in proposals that work with body politics.

The goals of Nauestruch residencies are:

  • Supporting artistic practice.
  • Supporting the professionalization of the artistic sector.
  • Being a space for exchange between Sabadell, its cultural context and its resident artists.
  • Establishing links between local artistic community and others from national nor international ones.
  • Blurring limits among disciplines, genders or the diversity of cultural manifestations.
  • Creating a temporary group of work and decision made up by the residents.
  • A return in form of an activity or presentation of any kind of the work made during the residency. These activities will be included in the programme of L’Estruch.
  • Engagement in being part of several activities of dissemination of the production processes, meetings an collective work sessions nor the training programme, considering them as constitutive part of the residency itself.
Accommodation Information 

Accommodation in a shared room.

Studio Information 

Private working space depending on the needs of the project.

Technical Information 
  • Transdisciplinar working environment.
  • Conceptual assistance for the development of the proposals.
  • Introduction in the cultural context of Sabadell and Barcelona. 
  • Promotion and dissemination made by Nauestruch.
  • List of materials
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