Visual Arts Sound art
English, Swedish, Danish
1 month
Paid by host 
  • Stipend 
  • Materials up to 5000 sek pr. artist
  • Travel expenses up to 3000 sek pr. artist
  • On site support and feedback
  • Accommodation at the farm
Paid by artist 
  • Food 
  • Any costs for personal travel
Application guidelines 

To apply fill out the Open Call Form and send it along with your cv and documentation of 2-4 projects (in a single PDF with description and embedded images) to [email protected] Mark the email Application for Residency 2018 and all files with your name and file description like this: firstname_lastname_cv or firstname_lastname_documentation.





Land404 is a platform founded by artists Christopher Landin and Simone Ærsøe. It is based on a rural farm by the coast of Blekinge, Sweden. From it, the organizers run a closely curated artist-in-residence program and also facilitate workshops and exhibitions. At the base of their operations is a commitment to the local community and the specific environment.

During 4 weeks a small group of international artists are invited to build an exhibition together on a nearby cape. Working with the themes of how we interact with nature and our relationship to rural landscapes in an otherwise urbanized culture. 
Land404 is located in rural farm land and although there are many people dedicated to the area there are still real concerns about depopulation and lack of infrastructure. As is the case in similar areas all over the world. The residency program is run from the home of the organizers and it is really important that participating artists are interested in living collectively and take responsibility for the wellbeing of the group. If the artists are interested in social practice, holding workshops, performances and the likes the organizers will provide support for that as well. 

  • Exhibition
  • Talk 
  • Network
Accommodation Information 

Private rooms or camper.

Studio Information 

Each artists is provided with a desk and access to a workshop with general tools. There is also space for larger projects both inside and outdoors.

Technical Information 
  • Photoscanner, a projector and a raku oven is on the premises
  • If there are special interests, there are blacksmiths, ceramicists, boatbuilders, weavers etc. in the community that might be of help.

In rural farmland and close to the coast. 30 minutes outside of Karlskrona.

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Gullholma 404
373 75 Jämjö

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