Italian, English, German
3 weeks
Paid by host 

Private room and studio space. Breakfast included. Project mentorship and extra event/activities.

Paid by artist 

The costs related to personal expenses (daily living expenses and trips), food, travel, transportation and working materials are borne by the candidate. Each candidate will be required to cover these costs individually. The organisers are available to help candidates obtain external funds to cover these costs by offering them the necessary documentation attesting their participation in the residency and the related program.

Laimun Residency

Laimun Residency


Laimun is an artist-in-residence program and curatorial project that intends to create conversations with international artists across various disciplines. The residency has a duration of 3 weeks and offers artists and writers living and working space in a quiet area in the south of Sardinia, close to nature and about half an hour from the sea. Laimun is aimed at artists and writers who need a reserved space and a period to create new work, pursue artistic research, or conclude an ongoing project.

Laimun welcomes applications from all fields of art and culture, such as visual arts, literature, photography, new media, music, design, architecture, film, cultural studies, and many others. Laimun is an inclusive project and is open to candidates of any nationality. They encourage applications by linguistic and cultural minorities, members of the LGBTQ+ community and second-generation Italians. 
The hosting house is equipped with an extensive library of books and magazines from the 1960s until the early 2000s and diverse collectibles and objects. For this reason, the residency is also particularly suitable for artists/creatives interested in working with archival materials and cultural history. Candidates are encouraged to take advantage of these collections for their projects or research topics. Most books/magazines are in Italian and French. A reading and research corner in English will be made available, depending on the topics of interest of the candidates. The selected residents will be able to use the help of the Laimun team to discuss their projects. Other activities and/or meetings related to their disciplines will be also be organized during the residency.


Project development, mentorship, collaboration, publication.

Accommodation Information 

Laimun offers each selected resident a private room and studio space for the development and elaboration of their project. The house is equipped with kitchen, rooms for relaxation and reading, as well as a large garden.
Furthermore, the house also hosts an extensive library with books, magazines, and other collectibles. Candidates are encouraged to take advantage of these collections for their projects or research topics.

Studio Information 

To each selected resident, Laimun offers a private room with an individual working area with a desk. A bigger shared studio is also available, as well as several rooms for reading and researching. The studio space is most suitable for visual and digital artists, curators, writers, designers, researchers. 
The location of the residency is also stimulating for artists interested in working in nature, experiencing and experimenting with the specificity of the landscape. Photographers, performers, sound artists, to name only a few disciplines, can highly benefit from the residency location and outdoor possibilities

Technical Information 

Extensive library, Wifi (with mobile data), Printer/Scanner.


The residency takes place in Villacidro, a small town in south-western Sardinia (Italy), 50 km from the island’s capital Cagliari, situated on the slopes of the Linas mountain chain, and renowned for its waterfall “Sa Spendula” and the untouched mountainous landscape and numerous hiking trails.

Via San Gavino Monreale 33
09039 Villacidro VS

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