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21 - 42 days; 2017 Oct. 20th - Nov.10th, Nov.10th - Dec 1st
Paid by artist 

The costs of the program for 21 days is currently $1900 USD. They do not cover transport fees, and artists are responsible for sourcing their own funding with the residency organizers' support.

Application guidelines 

Online application.



La Wayaka Current

La Wayaka Current

DESERT / exploratory artist residency and research base


La Wayaka Current is an artist-led, non profit organisation founded in July 2015. They are currently working on three exploratory art projects in extreme environments - Tropic, Arctic and Desert. They offer residency programs and will make future exhibitions surrounding the work in wild and rural locations alongside rural and indigenous peoples. During their first year in 2016 they worked with over 50 artists from over 20 different countries and also anthropologists, scientists, conservationists, musicians, journalists, teachers, film makers and writers. They  have also received support (non-financial) and partnership from the following indigenous groups and organisations working with art and ecology - Tribal Congress of Guna Yala, Yaug Galu Foundation for Marine Turtles, Guna Yala and The Sami Center for Contemporary Art, Karasjok.

They currently offer a residency program for artists and projects at Desert, with duration 21-42 days. Each group of artists will be given accommodation in a an isolated desert retreat and observatory center, a base for working, taken on research expeditions into nature, be introduced to flora fauna and local people. The organizers will create a place in Desert for research, discovery, collaboration and experimentation whilst focussing on the crucial and pressing issues of our time. This vast, spacious and extreme desert environment includes surrounding geological fasinations such as volcanoes, geysers, rainbow mountains, oasis, archaeology, astronomy and indigenous communities. This provides a spectacular and otherworldly setting for an artist to research, explore and develop projects.


Artists are expected to act independently and self direct their personal projects. They encourage participation in programmed events but it is not obligatory. The organizers expect artists come into the project with a basic knowledge and respect for the local area and culture.

Accommodation Information 

As an artist at Desert you will be based in rustic accommodation traditional Atacameño architectural structures made from natural materials. Here is outdoor workspace, living space with toilet, shower, bed, sheets, communal spaces, dining area, kitchen, energy - light, power outlets, and pool - artists will be sharing rooms, private rooms available for couples.

Studio Information 

There will be shared living and work space for artists provided. Artists are also able to work outdoors along the large outdoor areas of the base.

Technical Information 

Work equipment includes basic tools (tools used in the local area/culture). Creative, technical support and assistance is provided to artists. Natural materials are available for artists from the area to use such as found objects, wood, stone, clays. Possibility to bring materials from nearby town out to the base. Possibility to rent out equipment from the observatories.

1410000 Atacama Atacama

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