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They currently offer financial aid, support in seeking funding from other institutions, work exchange opportunities, and bursaries on all their programs. Their aim is to make this residency accessible for all those who wish to take part. Contact them directly to find out what aid is currently available and what you may be eligible for.

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La Wayaka Current - Desert

La Wayaka Current - Desert


La Wayaka Current is pleased to announce a new series of artist residency expeditions into the vast, otherworldly Atacama Desert, Chile. La Wayaka Current’s, Desert 23°S program presents a rare opportunity to research and develop your creative practice in one of the driest environments on our planet, at the National Nature Reserve of Flamingos. This region closer resembles the surface of Mars than Earth, offers the most optimal conditions for astronomical observations in the world and preserves ancient archeological sites beneath the sand. Within this arid landscape, lives an unbelievably diverse and rich ecosystem that remains due to the knowledge of indigenous peoples who fight to protect the area from exploitative, water-intensive mining.
This fluid, site-responsive program introduces artists-in-residence to the local ecology, history and culture of the place, as well as exploring contemporary socio-political
concerns whilst presenting reciprocal benefits to local communities both socially and economically through their presence and exchange. In their fifth year of operation, they cultivate spaces in remote environments that nourish and encourage space for personal and professional growth, through experiential nodes of learning with a focus on research and experimentation to manifest inspiration in an outdoor creative space, beyond a conventional studio or institutional context.
Through this program, they engage with new ecological and cultural perspectives in a multitude of ways, at a complex time of global climate change and mass extinction. The wish is to challenge and expand the ecological awareness as creative practitioners. Promoting necessary dialogues between artists from around the world, indigenous cultures, and the environment. La Wayaka Current operates as a non-profit, artist-led initiative registered in UK and Chile, working nomadically between South, Central America, and Northern Europe. It is run by an international collective of people experienced in different fields of arts, cultural and environmental subjects.

The programs are run for a duration of 3 weeks with an option to extend to 6 weeks on specific dates (enquire for shorter or longer residency availability).

  • 2019: Sept 27 - Oct 18, 2019; Oct 25 - Nov 15, 2019 and Nov 20 - Dec 11, 2019
  • 2020: March 3 - March 24, 2020; June 10 - July 1, 2020; Sept 4 - Sept 25, 2020 and Oct 5 - Oct 26, 2020 

This is a multi-disciplinary program open to artists alongside creative practitioners such as musicians, writers, curators, activists, scientists, and others. Residents are encouraged to challenge their practice in the location, be resourceful and respond to local methods, materials, basic tools, and equipment within the community and isolated natural environment.


Artists will be free to choose to take part in programmed activities alongside their self-directed practice according to their interests. Depending on the nature of their project residents will be given opportunities to showcase works or work-in-progress on a local level; within the community or La Wayaka Current peer group. Post-residency, artists will also be invited to take part in future international exhibitions, publications, presentations and other events relating to the outreach of the La Wayaka Current residency program and research project and it’s artists.

Accommodation Information 

Residents will live in the heart of a rural desert oasis, full of native trees, animals and agricultural crops, with no phone signal or internet. Residents will be taken away from
distractions at a time of hyper-connectivity and technological dependency. On an indigenous family farm, artists will be living/working in the land and sharing the communal shelter made predominantly of earth, recycled and natural materials. Rooms will be shared between two persons, with private rooms available on request (prior to arrival).

Studio Information 

Participants will be encouraged to use the outdoor vast desert environment as their studio and daily interactions with the local community and environment as their source of learning and inspiration.

1410000 Atacama Atacama

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