English, Spanish, Norwegian, Guna, Russian
21 - 42 days
Paid by artist 

Currently they do not provide artists with financial support, only the opportunity to work in such a location. They offer advice and letter of support for artists to seek their own sources of funding. Artist fees are $1300 USD for a program of 21 days including food, water, accommodation and workspace.

Application guidelines 

Artists can apply easily with no charge via the online application form. They are currently accepting applications for November 2016 and May - November 2017. They will review images of artists work via their online platform blog or website. If the artist does not have an online platform they may send up to 5 images to our email at



La Wayaka Current

La Wayaka Current

Tropic 2018 Artist Residency


LA WAYAKA CURRENT is an artist-led organisation working on art and cultural projects around the world. They design artist residencies and exhibitions and work predominantly with indigenous communities in wild and rural locations. They want to show artists intimate worlds that still exist outside of homogenous society. They feel indigenous cultures have invaluable knowledge and culture that is being forgotten. Artists that come can learn about and live with different communities alongside precious natural environments that are currently being threatened by climate change and high consumption lifestyles worldwide. Artists will respond in whichever ways they choose in order to create a network of collaboration using art as a tool for learning and expression. They will be working in localised, sustainable communities in parity with the earth and each other on a microcosmic scale at our locations to experiment, learn and inspire change for the future.

Themes of the Residency:

La Wayaka Tropic Residency Programme is offering artists a place to contemplate and create new work from different perspectives. The locations they offer are in remote and wild vast natural landscapes with indigenous cultures where time and space is fluid. Here they not only want artists to experience life here but to learn and forge connections, collaborate, work and think in new ways about our planet. All disciplines are welcome to apply to their residencies. In the past they have worked with a wide mix of artists, painters, sculptors, illustrators, animators, installation artists, photographers, video artists, dancers, performers, musicians, jewelry designers, photo journalists and documentary film makers.

Programming of Residency Programe:

Alongside your self directed working practice they will include a programe of talks, discussions, research trips, workshops and activities in order for both, you and the local community to benefit and learn the most possible over the course of this residency project and the cultural exchange. They will also be exhibiting and documenting work in the location and creating an online platform as well as live exhibition at the end of each year. More info on their website.


Artists will be expected to complete an obligitory project in their time at the residency preferably documented at location if further editing, research post production is not needed after the month. They will be exhibiting the progress and work made throughout the residency each year at a venue in London 2017 that is yet to be announced.

Participation is encouraged. Also there will be an Event & Exhibition within community for school and local residents.

Accommodation Information 

Artists will be staying in a large shared house in the community overlooking the river, beach and ocean. The house will host 7 artists with two double rooms and one triple room. Double rooms will be given priority to couples.

Studio Information 

Artists will be able to work in the open air in large vast outdoor open spaces on desert beaches, within the native community or in the jungle in the warm tropical air. In addition to this they will have indoor spaces to work with table and chairs. You will have the option to work in several areas depending on your project. More info on their website.

Technical Information 

Whatever it is that you plan to do you can bring personal materials and depending on the artists needs they will try to facilitate and help different types of projects. LWC can provide basic non electrical tools. There are materials washed up from the sea such as drift wood, plastic, shoes and odd bits and pieces that can be used. Natural materials can be used in a respectful way – the sand, coconut shells, palm leaves and sea water. There is a small village nearby that has a variety of things but not much. LWC can help to transport other specific things that people might like to bring for their project.

They want to make ideas reality so if you apply they will strive to realise the project logistically. Electricity is available from solar panels that you can use to charge laptops, cameras etc. The proposals should consider the island environment and culture as a workspace and context for their work finding that interesting as a concept to work with. Artists can bring personal materials or use what is available at the location. There are plenty of materials washed up from the sea such as large and small drift wood along with a multitude of other things in this wild feral environment we have even found parts of cars and a calcified tortoise shell.


Guna Yala - La Wayaka Current´s Residency Project – Tropic will take place in the region of Guna Yala, an archipelago of over 365 islands between Panama and Colombia in the Caribbean Sea. The location will be accessible by boat or small plane from Colombia or Panama. The region is home to the native Guna people who live independently and politically autonomous since their revolution in 1925 throughout this region – labelled by the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute as one of the richest, most diverse biomes in the world, on the sea and on land.

71-75 Shelton Street
United Kingdom

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