english, spanish, italian
4- 6 weeks
Paid by host 

La Pedrada de Noemi, as a new independent centre, is not able to offer grants for resident artists at this moment. They can assist artists seeking grants in their country or institution, by providing an invitation letter or preparing a detailed budget.

Paid by artist 

The cost for resident is the 400 euro per month.

Application guidelines 

Motivation letter, CV, portafolio and project to be undertaken.



La Pedrada de Noemi

La Pedrada de Noemi

La Pedrada


The general idea is to make visible different artistic disciplines and interact with the visitors in an eminently rural environment, full of esthetic beauty in a singular location, and having as a result an inspiring and creative space to develop the senses for all who, actively or passively, participate in the project.

Depending on the necessities of each artist, the organizers bridge the gap between the artists, researchers and the different associations of the village.

“La Pedrada” has been thought as a link element between the local people, the ateliers located in Agüimes and the artists residents in “La Pedrada”, being enriched with the knowledge and ideas that they all provide and, therefore, looking for the local raise of personal and cultural development. It aims to be a medium to connect traditional artistic currents and vanguards that develop outside the islands too.

In an old house, now rehabilitated, and framed in a rural environment rich in cultural activities and with affined people, “La Pedrada”was created as a space to think, create, coexist and rest around art and its cultural possibilities in an adapted, peaceful, free and open surrounding.


conferences, exhibition, cultural visits, course.

Accommodation Information 

It has five bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, 2 ateliers , a patio and an exterior terrace. Private or shared room in a house totally equipped: kitchen, fridge, electricity, gas, water, living areas, cleaning service, service of towels and sheets. Situated in the historical center of Agüimes town, its construction is dated around the 18th century. Originally it was used as the court's dependencies and later on it became the local doctor's residence.

Studio Information 

Two shared studios in the main house and an outdoor area. You will alsto have the possibility to work in a separate studio, just few minutes away from the main house.

Technical Information 

La Pedrada de Noemi provides material for stone (hand tool, air, pneumatic hammer, and grinder smoler ( special insurance needed ), material for mosaico work and simple wood work.


Agüimes is a southeastern town in Gran Canaria, twenty minutes away from the airport by car. Located in the high area its anual medium temperature is around 20 ºC (68 ºF).

In its territory we can find protected natural parks as the Barranco de Guayadeque (Guayadeque ravine) which is also a very important aboriginal settlement (its aboriginal name: Ariganez or Argonez) where numerous vestiges of its rich past have been found. Its a very recommended area for its visual quality and a nice option to have walking routes.

In its coasts we find: “playa del cabrón”, another natural park, this time a beach, with one of the best seabeds to dive in as well as its ancient salines.

Agüimes population was found in 1491, it was named episcopal camera and becamed a church's fief until almost the 19th century. This characteristic is seen in its architecture where its streets invite us to make a beautiful and relaxing tour through them.

El Moral 44,
35260 Canary Island Asturias

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