French, English
3 months (April – July 2017)
Paid by host 
  • 3000 € curator fee his/her residency and exhibition project
  • curator’s travel costs for one ticket go and back
  • Free accommodation is provided including costs of electricity, gas, internet, phone and public transport.

For the exhibition: A total budget of 22.000 € is provided by the art centre to cover all expenses of the exhibition including :

  • artists' fees and travel costs, production costs, shipment of the works, authors’ fees if needed.
  • installation costs, scenography, renting for audio-visual devices… 
  • costs to publish adverts, costs for the graphic design, translation, exhibition views and opening are included in this budget and are estimated at about 7000 €.

The art centre’s team (6 people) works in close collaboration with the curator and accompanies him/her in his/her researches and in all the aspects of the production of the exhibition. The art centre takes in charge the costs for the printing and postmail of invitations, flyers, poster, the publication of a 16 page journal (bilingual French/ English) and of a 8 pages journal for children.

Application guidelines 

Criteria: Each candidate must submit an exhibition proposal which he/she would be able to implement with the help of La Galerie's team. The exhibition can be a group show (5 artists maximum), a duo, a solo show… In addition, the application would be required to:

  • Take into consideration the general artistic program of La Galerie
  • Have an interest in the French art scene.
  • Engage as much as possible with the context of the art centre and participate actively in public talks and events organised by La Galerie
  • Write an introductory text and accompanying texts on the works for the press release and the exhibition leaflet.

To facilitate communication with the La Galerie team and the public, the curator should speak French or English. Download the full call for applications here.


The deadline for applications 2017 is now closed.

La Galerie

La Galerie


La Galerie is one of the 46 Contemporary Art Centres in France, publicly funded by the City of Noisy-le-Sec, the DRAC Ile-de-France - Ministry of Culture and Communication, the Seine-Saint-Denis département and the Ile-de-France region. Founded in 1999, La Galerie offers a programme based on the notion of art as a sensory experience and a reflection of our relation to the world through a conceptual approach. Four exhibitions a year (two monographic, two thematic) offer hitherto unseen works by internationally recognized artists together with those of emerging French artists.

The centre's main activities are to produce art works, publish bilingual reference publications, host artists and curators in residence and develop educational activities in relation to the artistic programme.

La Galerie also developed a 9 months residency for artists born or living in France. Information about this residency for artists should be asked directly.

Experiences: In the Guide: 196 residencies in France, produced by the Centre National des Arts Plastiques (CNAP) in 2010, you can find an interview interweaving responses from two passed residents at La Galerie, the artist Davide Balula (resident between July 2009 and March 2010, as part of the Visual art residency for artists born or living in France programme) and the curator Bettina Klein (resident between April and June 2006, as part of the Residency for visiting exhibition curators programme). Their interview is on p. 18 to 24 of the guide.


La Galerie, a Contemporary Art Centre located in the suburbs of Paris, hosts each year a foreign curator in residence for a period of three months. First organised in 2006, the aim of the residency is to put on an exhibition at La Galerie within the context of an art centre, and to meet artists and professionals working in the contemporary art field in France.

Accommodation Information 

The curator have a flat closed from the art center in Noisy-le-Sec. The 65 m2 flat includes a bedroom, a living room/kitchen and a workspace. In addition there is a cellar connected to the flat which can be used for public events (projection, lecture…).

Studio Information 

The exhibition space is 140 m2 on ground floor + small project rooms in the basement. The curator’s studio can also be used from time to time for public events (exhibition, presentation, lecture, screening, performance…).Further information about La Galerie on the website of d.c.a - association française de développement des centres d'art here (in French).

Technical Information 

The art centre can provide a video-projector and sound devices.


The city of Noisy-le-Sec is 10 minutes by train from Paris plus 10 minutes walk from the station.

1 rue Jean-Jaurès
93130 Noisy-le-Sec
+33 (0)1 49 42 67 17

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